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Love a good puzzle game during commute? Have you heard about Yellow?

No, not the color. I am talking about this really popular puzzle game that has gained its own cult following on the Playstore. It’s a puzzle game that throws you right into the action, without revealing much about what you have to achieve.

Interesting right?

And really easy. Easy and engaging, very few games are actually that. Now it may not have Angry Birds or Cut the Rope kind of graphics, but the idea of this game is really easy.

Let me walk you through it.

It begins like,

To this,

With letters floating all around the screen, to this… Ta Da!

I am at level 10, so I will take you ahead from there. Look at the screen below.

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Yep, that vague. You don’t know what to make of it.

I figured that we have to hit the black when the button blinks to Yellow. But to clear confusion, there is a bulb in the corner.

And like we Indians know best, always trust Battis.

So, the hint said, “Push The Bars.” I had to keep pushing until all of them were yellow.

Achievement unlocked! Next level then.

Could you figure this out? Yes, every level is different and they all need different formulas to be solved. Though the difficulty level of this puzzle game is probably 5 years old, it is a breeze to enjoy on crowded suffocating metro rides.

Instead of making me more anxious, it actually helps me forget all about the sweat stink around me.

Wanna give it a try? Download it here. Tell us what you think about Yellow puzzle game below!

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