Let’s face it. Passion is way overrated. The word passion itself is overused, over-abused and highly misunderstood.

Thanks to all the captions of the display pictures it has been used in, that have absolutely nothing to do with ‘passion’.

You ask almost anyone these days as to what do they wish to do? The stereotypical answer is ‘I want to follow my passion’.

What exactly is this passion?

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“Do what you love.”

“Follow your passion.”

These sentences have been overused to a level that they have lost their sheen.

People dread a 9-5 job these days because of the very hullabaloo created around the term ‘passion’. Somehow ‘passion’ has come to signify any and everything that is beyond the obvious.

I say, why can’t the obvious be the passion?

Why can’t you become an engineer or a teacher out of your sheer passion for the job?

Moreover, it is not necessary that your passion should translate into a job or something you do for a living. It can be a hobby that you pursue.

And it is not uncommon to see that people who aspired for a certain ‘dream job’ since forever, something they were always so passionate about, begin to fall out of love with it. There is no guarantee that they will still be as enthusiastic about it as they were before getting it.


Why should they even belong to the same category?

One can be passionate about cooking and astronomy at the same time. One doesn’t need to prioritize as to which one do they love more dearly.

Moreover, passion can even change from time to time. It is possible that the things you liked doing in your teenage years are not the ones you might prefer doing now.

Maybe you do not enjoy doing Yoga right now but develop a habit of it later in life.

It is not even important to be good at something you are passionate about.


Is it always something long term? Or just a way of life?

I believe it is simply a driving force that makes you do something that gives you pleasure.

You do not have to be unnecessarily over enthusiastic for your ‘passion’.

Why put it in a mould? Why give it a name? Why stereotype it?

The hullabaloo around this word has led most people to look so hard for a ‘passion’ that they lose track of themselves and the existing beauty in their lives.

So just calm down. Because passion is not meant to be stressful!

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