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World of Play T44 Wireless Earbuds vs Apple Airpods


If you are a music aficionado, there is no way you wouldn’t want to own wireless earbuds that offer just the right combination of sound quality and convenience. With a wide range of earbuds having flooded the market, however, it is extremely important to be able to make the right choice. So, let’s pit an industry legend, the Apple Airpods, with one of the newest entrant in the market, the World of PLAY PLAYGO T44.

With PLAYGO T44 offering some really compelling features, it will be worthwhile to compare them with Apple Airpods that have been instrumental in exploring the category.

Sound Quality

Let us begin with the real deal at the very outset- the sound quality.

With the PlayGO T44, what you have is a truly immersive sound experience. It’s 10 mm EBEL drivers with 92±3 dB sensitivity, ensure enhanced bass. Speak of call quality and you are assured of HD Call quality enhanced with its bottom mic design.

What you have in PLAYGO T44 therefore, are earbuds that offer superior quality sound that Apple Airpods have been known for.

Design and Comfort

With an earbud being as much a fashion accessory as an audio device, the design is an important criterion for making the choice.

PLAYGO T44 comes across as a stylish piece with a minimalistic design. The fact that they are lightweight and fit perfectly into your ears makes them an ideal choice. At 3.5 gram for each bud, they sure pack in a lot of tech in their small size. That they fit snugly into your ears, is an added perk!

The Airpods too are known for their light-weight and comfortable fit especially on account of their silicon tips. The one thing though fashion enthusiasts do not quite like about the AirPods is that they tend to stick out of your ears.


The big advantage with both PlayGO T44 & Apple Airpods is that come with an IPX4 rating, that makes them water-resistant. You could sweat it out in the gym and be sure that your earbuds are safe.


What you get with the PLAYGO T44 is noise reduction and echo cancellation feature. What it means is that it reduces the outside noise to enable you to groove to your favourite music.

While the Airpods do not offer noise-cancellation, the new Airpods Pro does come with active noise cancellation along with a transparency mode ( at a far higher price point, of course!)

Battery Life

The one aspect that is a deciding factor when it comes to choosing earbuds is its battery life. After all, you do not want to be “in the red” while you are all set to pump some iron.

With a 500mAh battery, PLAYGO T44 comes with a play/talk time of as much as 20 hours with its charging case. That sure means that it can be your trusted companion whether you are taking a long flight or have some marathon con-calls to take. The encouraging bit is also the charging time, which is 2 hours for the case and 1 hour for the bud.

Apple’s Airpods similarly can last up to 24 hours of listening time or upto 18 hours of talk time with the charging case.

Ease of Use

With the earbuds in place, you certainly don’t want the hassle of reaching out to your phone each time you want to use some controls. PLAYGO T44 comes with easy controls; you could simply double-tap to answer or hang up a call or long-press to reject it and continue to listen to your music!

Apple Airpods too, are touch-enabled, although they have limited functions on the earbuds itself with the option of voice control. However, the Airpods are designed to only seamlessly integrate with Apple devices, you might find it convenient to use them with other devices. Not saying that it’s not possible, but it definitely doesn’t offer the same levels of convenience.

On the other hand, the T44 is designed to pair and work seamlessly with devices, irrespective of the brand. So, that’s something to consider.


Well, even though you want your earbuds to have a multitude of features, odds are that the price is an important aspect of your decision making.

Here too, PlayGo T44 steals a march. They are priced at an affordable Rs 2,999, while the Airpods begin from Rs 14,900, with the Airpods Pro priced at a whopping Rs 24,900.


If you are looking at a range of features without an astronomical price tag, PLAYGO T44 from World of PLAY is certainly your go-to earbud. A serious contender, that packs a punch.

If you are keen on creating an Apple Ecosystem, then obviously you can’t look past the Apple Airpods.

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