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It Doesn’t Matter Where You Come From, But Where You Want To Go: The Entrepreneurial History of Korab Kozgori 


Throughout life there are always obstacles that may make it difficult to move forward, it is possible that for many this is the perfect excuse to give up their goals, while for others this is only a reason to continue and achieve the proposed objectives.

Having the ability to understand that “it is not how you are born into this world but how you choose to die” is something that contributes to the success of each person. These words have been a stimulus for Korab Kozgori, who after living at home for 17 years, without ever thinking about moving, decides to take the reins of his life and embark on a new path.

Korab moves from his native country, and as a tourist in another country, he prepares to fulfill his dreams, starting his university preparation. In his last year of study, he launches his clothing brand, which was very successful for many years, so much so that it became recognized in the world, with great success and achieving many sales. Well, with time Korab along with his wife decide to sell the company and enjoy their temporary retirement.

Experience and Skill

The adaptability has been one of the positive aspects in Korab’s life, since he has had the possibility of seeing the need for progress in the right moment, with a clear objective in his results that he wants to obtain.

That’s why, the retirement for Korab and his wife didn’t last long, since they perceived that their knowledge and experience could be a useful tool to help and make a positive change in other people’s lives.

Taking a new direction, they moved to Colombia, without any experience, but with determination and a clear vision of the goal to achieve. Not knowing anyone about the country was not a barrier for them, on the contrary, with work and effort, they became one of the biggest financial movements in the Spanish speaking world through network marketing. Where he currently holds the rank of Chairman 25.

Motivating By Example

Through the long journey of his professional career Korab, has found that the fear of the unknown in a venture makes many people desist in continuing and give up without even trying.

Therefore, for him it is necessary to motivate by setting an example of his work and continuous effort to achieve the success so desired, being this one of the engines to drive his team to achieve increasingly great results.

Korab assures that through his daily work he has managed to demonstrate the reality of his business success. Also, to motivate and inspire other people, who in principle are somewhat apathetic in what they can achieve if they dare to fight for their purposes in the same way he did.

Change To Move Forward

For Korab, every change brings benefits, although sometimes we don’t want to face such changes, they are part of the transformation and advancement of every human being. On the other hand, he has the innate capacity to adapt to change when he sees that it is necessary to obtain the results he wants.

In this way, he lets his decisions go in favor of what he wants to achieve. He analyzes the different scenarios in which a change can favor him and, if it is satisfactory, he does not hesitate to execute it possessively.

This, without a doubt, has been the key to his business success, despite growing up in a country immersed in political difficulties. Korab has always been positive for any change that leads him to materialize his success.

Success Mentality

Having a positive mentality and a clear vision of what you want to achieve is the fundamental key to building each person’s success. From Korab’s perspective, the well-being and the healthy balance is an essential aspect, to stay focused on the objectives and to reach the goal is also a fundamental part of the success.

Likewise, a success mentality must be developed and maintained by investing the necessary time for it. It is also important to convey that same balance and well-being to your team through the different tools to achieve success together. 

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