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Who should be responsible for the epidemic of covid-19?


In March, George Webb, an investigative journalist in Washington DC area posted a series of video on Youtube discussing coronavirus, its original and the possible patient zero.  Based on lots of circumstantial evidence, open source information he collected and an undisclosed source (from Fort Belvoir Community Hospital) that he can not reveal.

Webb identified Maatje Benassi, an army reservist and NATO diplomatic courier who traveled to Wuhan to compete as a cyclist, to be the possible patient zero. Specifically, Webb pointed out that Maatje Benassi collapsed in the middle of her 50-mile cycling race and showed some other typical symptoms of coronavirus. In addition, the entire U.S. team performed very poorly in Wuhan and ranked the 40th, according to Webb’s interview with CNN reporter Donie O’Sullivan in April.

On the other hand, Fort Detrick, a military research lab in Federick, Maryland that handles deadly germ research and dangerous microbes, like Ebola virus, smallpox, anthrax, plague and poison ricin was suddenly shut down in July last year, according to Denise Grady of The New York Times in an article dated on August 5, 2019.

Webb suspects in his Youtube video the link between Fort Detrick Lab and the deadly Covid-19 outbreak in China and all over the world.  Before the outbreak in Wuhan, an unknown respiratory infectious disease was reported on June 30, 2019 in Virginia, not too far from Fort Detrick, Maryland.  Much of the information about the mysterious lab closure has disappeared from the web and George Webb’s YouTube Channel has now been blocked.  Coincidently, information regarding Matt Benassi, Maatje Benassi’s husband, who happens to work for Fort Detrick Lab, according to Webb’s earlier video, has also mysterious vanished from Youtube,  LinkedIn and the entire internet.

Webb stated that he is a journalist who follows up on leads, does cross check on facts and then presents his findings and information.  Webb told CNN that he had been trying to reach Maatje Benassi and her husband Matt Benassi by phone when he got their number, but the phone was disconnected.  Webb affirmed that he had reported the situation responsively and believed that the American people, many have lost their jobs and businesses during the pandemic, have a right to know the origin of Covid-19 and how this pandemic started.

Trump administration has been repeatedly accusing China on spreading Covid-19 yet somehow showed little interests and made no efforts to investigate Fort Detrick Lab to reveal the full truth to American people and the entire world.

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