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Work It: Jennifer A. Mancuso Shows You How to Step into Your Potential


If you tuned into the live dance music television program Electric Circus from 2000 to 2002, we’re guessing there’s was one contestant that caught your eye. This exotic beauty had unique features, no doubt (courtesy of her Guyanese and Arabian heritage), but there was something about her; you just couldn’t put your finger on it. That’s because Jennifer A. Mancuso was destined for greatness long before she stepped onto the stage.

Fast forward nearly 20 years later, and this sassy maiden has gathered quite the collection of accolades thanks to her hard work and never-give-up attitude. Jennifer’s odyssey began at an early age when she was first discovered by a top modeling agency. The glitz and glamour of the modeling world didn’t keep her from achieving her goal, which was to pursue a honours bachelor’s degree from York University. Heck, she even nabbed the ‘Women’s Studies Excellent Academic Achievement Award’ and the ‘Faculty of Arts Sessional Academic Achievement Awards’ on her way out.

Jennifer soldiered through to get her law degree at the University of New Brunswick (where she received the award for ‘First in Class’ in Eviden

ce), and even found time to complete a Negotiation Course at the prestigious Harvard Law School.

Known for her charisma and her ability to make you feel you’d blurt out your innermost secrets if she looked directly at you for more than a few seconds, her next choice on her way up the ladder of success was pretty much written on the wall. Jennifer laid the foundation of her own law firm, J.A.M Law Professional Corporation. Located in downtown Toronto, the law firm specializes in the area of personal injury.

Jennifer walks the fine line between the world of modeling and a demanding career in law, also making time to judge world-famous beauty pageant contests such as Miss Universe Canada in 2014, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020.

Jennifer is also the spark behind the cosmetic brand J.A.M Beauty Inc., a company that produces luxe make up and skincare products.

It is no secret that Jennifer A. Mancuso is a force of nature with her uncanny charm and that sly twinkle of something edgier behind those beautiful brown eyes; it’s enough to make you wonder “what’s next” on the list of Jennifer A. Mancuso’s multi-layered career.

But, whatever it is, you can rest assured she’s going to bring her own brand of uniqueness and pizzazz like a true pioneer.

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