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Psychreg Wins Award for ‘Best Practice in the Workplace’


 Ayanay Psychological Accreditation (APA) has announced Psychreg as the winner of its award for ‘Best Practice in the Workplace’ last Sunday 13 August.

Psychreg was recognised by the award panel as the company has established a bespoke model and high-quality training programme to ensure that its team’s mental health and well-being are being looked after while achieving its organisational goals.

The ‘Best Practice in the Workplace’ award is part of the APA 20:20 Vision Award which was launched to recognise individuals and organisations who made significant contributions within the field of mental health and wellness.

Siobhain Crosbie, CEO of APA said: ‘APA is delighted that Psychreg was recognised in the public vote for their work to improve Mental Health in the Workplace. As the world adjusts to greater Psychological pressures, Psychreg’s work becomes more and more important.’

Psychreg founder Dennis Relojo-Howell said: ‘To receive this award is an absolute honour. It’s a recognition that we have been delivering significant contributions within the mental health landscape and at the same time looking after the mental health and well-being of our own team.

As a digital mental health publication, we believe we have a unique understanding of how we can implement best practice and we combine this knowledge with great training for our own team. This helps us to provide a more personalised approach to the way we do things on Psychreg.’

Meanwhile, Men’s Radio Station received an award for the ‘Outstanding Contribution to Mental Health’. 

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