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Meet Kevin O. Frank – CMO and Product Owner of Circleboom


The use of Twitter is common among youth nowadays. The trend has taken control of the world by providing fast communication service to people. However, it has been a difficult few years for Twitter tools. With Twitter getting stricter with what functionalities these tools can utilize, we have seen many of the greats that get practically shut down overnight.

 After all, it seems that Twitter has been looking to get rid of follow/unfollow tools for good. To combat spammers, even the tools that survived have been subject to strict limits. One of these tools that still exist today is Circleboom.

Circleboom was found in March 2019 by Kevin O. Frank, CMO (Chief marketing officer), with his two friends. They created Circleboom 2.5 years ago and spun it off as a new company in March 2019.

When Kevin and his friends co-founded Circleboom, he had no idea that he and his colleagues were creating what would become a universally accessible, global, seamless, 24/7 platform for tens of thousands of people. We have been super excited to witness the magic ever since he became the CMO and Product Owner of Circleboom. It got us intrigued, and we at RankingGrow caught up with Kevin O. Frank for more details, his idea behind making Circleboom, his team, his experience of working, targets and goals, and much more.

In this edited conversation with RankingGrow, Kevin talks in-depth about how a leader’s actions meet a high-growth environment’s demands.

Let us know more about Circleboom and its founder!

What is Circleboom, and how has it forced you to be innovative and creative?

Circleboom is a social media profile management company that helps to manage and grow accounts by using smart search tools. It helps to find profiles with the same tastes as you and share quality content with them via Publish, RSS, and Schedule modules. We believe that any social media account can grow beyond its owner’s expectations if handled with the right tools. Like every other organism out there, our social profiles need us to work on them to become active and healthy.

Our philosophy is to create great tools with intuitive interfaces and solve most users’ problems out there. We make tools to solve everyday problems with that philosophy on our minds, and our users love them. With Circleboom, you can reach the right audience by using our smart tools.

What is the strategy for developing Social media tools?

We created Circleboom about two years ago and made it as a new company in March 2019. At Circleboom, we are a team, with a few people focusing on a product and making it profitable by creating something that concentrates on Pareto’s principle of 80/20.

The 80-20 rule identifies an entity’s best assets and uses them efficiently to create maximum value. For example, a student should try to learn which parts of a textbook will make the most benefit for an upcoming exam and focus on those first. It does not imply, however, that the student should ignore the other parts of the textbook.

We love to provide features that are used by most of the users. With that principle on our mind, we can create sustainable features with low maintenance and support costs. The Low-touch SaaS term of yours describes what we believe in another way.

Performance results of salespeople in a wide range of businesses have demonstrated success by incorporating the 80-20 rule. Also, external consultants who use Six Sigma and other management strategies in-corporate the 80-20 principle in their practices with good results.

So, the strategy behind social media tools is mainly the 80-20 rule.

What are some exciting tools for Circleboom? 

Circleboom has surprising tools to manage followers on Twitter with a varied set of features. These are very easy to use.

Publish Tool:

Circleboom’s Publish Tool makes it easy for you to discover new content and publish it. The RSS publisher automatically allows you to share posts of trusted sites you follow, with your text either before or after the article’s name and link. Once you select your area of interest, you can post your articles immediately to Twitter, you may schedule them to a future date, and even more, you can put them into a queue.

Search Tool:

The search tool helps to find new followers easily through Smart Search, Live Keyword & Hashtag Search to find your target audience.

My Tweets Tool:

Sometimes you want to walk away. Circleboom’s power search helps you to find specific tweets you liked and delete them. You can delete tweets one by one or delete all tweets at once by using our bulk (mass) delete option and save your time. So, list, filter, and sort your Twitter likes and unlike any of them or delete all.  

It has an Unfollow feature also to remove Non-English accounts, fake/spam accounts, inactive accounts, accounts that don’t have a profile picture, and a list of people you never want to unfollow.

User Analytics 

The analytics feature helps to monitor account status.

  • Draw attention to feature helps smart tweets for connecting RSS feed to Twitter accounts from Blog or website and for easy scheduling.

These managing tools have specialized features. So, Circleboom deserves to be one of the favorite twitter tools of people. You can get the detailed feature list from the official website of Circleboom.

What has Circleboom done until now?

As of 2020/Q4, we have more than 300,000 users, mostly SMB (Small businesses) and professionals working at corps. Circleboom enables these users, brands, and SMBs to grow and strengthen their social networks. As we are on our road to becoming a Multi Social Account Management tool, we primarily focus on Twitter and create a sophisticated yet easy to use tools for it. 

What do you hope to accomplish in the coming years?

The current Circleboom is one of the best comprehensive Twitter management tools in the market. Twitter users can find all they need about Twitter. And when we release the second phase, we will serve the same tools for Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google My Business, and others. We will soon release an improved multi-account social media manager.

We are currently working on the plans for phase 2, which includes plans to expand to at least four other social networks mainly, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Pinterest, and other social media tools out there. We will be focusing more on publishing tools, which we believe has tremendous potential and the ability to reach an exponential number of new users.

We have a large SMB userbase sitting at freemium-tier (some of them were pro-tier users), and we believe that we can upsell these new features to them. That is why we encourage you to check Circleboom regularly to find new features and content to promote and begin earning before others.

Do you prefer to work alone or as a part of a team?

As a co-founder, Atakan, and I, are still working to develop better intuitive tools. And we have managed Circleboom just only with two human sources.

No matter how smart, talented, driven, or passionate you are, your success as an entrepreneur depends on your ability to build and inspire a team. A successful leader is one who can spur his or her team members to work well together towards a better vision and goal. So, that why we are expanding our team to invest in our Circleboom second phase part.

For this purpose, there are six employees to our team that will be eight people by the end of this month.

What are your future targets and goals?

After releasing the second phase of Circleboom, we have great expectations. The market volume is approximately 300 times more than our current market in terms of turnover. We firmly believe we can increase our subscribers at least ten times within two years.

Teamwork is the ability to work together towards a mutual vision. It helps to direct individual accomplishments toward organizational objectives. It is the fuel that allows people to attain uncommon results. So, we are looking forward to making a great team.

We’re also expecting to increase revenue more since the average MRR (Monthly Recurring Revenue) and lifetime value is dramatically higher than our current product.

Final words:

Team RankingGrow is obliged to interview Kevin O. Frank. He has told a lot about himself, Circleboom, his team, goals, and future endeavors. So, if you have not already had a chance to visit the Circleboom website, the tool is pretty straightforward. Circleboom lets you better manage your Twitter account, as well as making it easy to unfollow accounts that you want to follow in the first place.

So, Just Boom Your Circle with the help of this great tool! 

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