Tinder has taken over millennials in today’s time. In a hurry to ape the western culture of dating, we have forgotten how Tinder is doing more harm than good, especially in a country like India, which is why I feel we need to reject Tinder as a generation.

If statistics conducted by different institutions are to be believed, Tinder has quickly become a platform full of people with low self esteem usually suffering from some kind of anxiety or depression.

In a time where social media is already inducing the idea of comparison and inaccurate presentation of one’s life, Tinder and other dating apps are just adding to the causes of increased mental stress amongst youngsters in the country.

Company Not Love Or Physical Intimacy

As far as I have observed, millennials these days aren’t looking for relationships or love on dating apps anymore. They aren’t even looking for hookups or casual physical intimacy as the popular perception of people with Tinder account is.

Millennials are looking for company over Tinder more than ever! I have myself seen and observed people highlight how they had to look for people over dating apps to have someone to listen to them.

reject Tinder as a generation

Now, the outcome of this is extremely dangerous because you never know how good a listener your Tinder date is going to be and whether you can confide your deep dark secrets in a random stranger you just met. All this is more likely to mentally stress someone out than a conversation with a trusted friend.

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Free Time On Tinder

Another scary side of dating apps is people spending their “free time” on these apps. I have now lost count of how many times an acquaintance or a friend has narrated their “Oh, I was so bored that day that I decided to go on a date with my Tinder match!”

Again, this is both scary and insane as not only are we wasting each others’ time, Tinder has become our playing ground! The time when we have nothing but online dating stories to share with each other and with the next generation isn’t far.

And then comes the sense of competition, “I have got 10k matches”, “I have been on 500 dates”, judging people by their looks and bio!

By creating this air of comparison, we are raising a generation full of spite and mental stress of wanting to outshine others and getting heart broken and depressed on the way!

I strongly believe we need to reject Tinder as a generation and not just Tinder but all other dating apps!

It’s about time we spend some quality time with friends and family and discover love or other things instead of taking help of technology to feel humanly emotions!

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Source: The Times UK, Nylon, SmartSnobs +more

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