Have you ever tried Tinder to find a potential girlfriend/boyfriend? If yes, did it work?

Well, I would not be surprised if it didn’t.

Tinder is a popular online dating app where people swipe right if they like somebody’s profile and if it’s a match they go out to take it forward. This was and still is in other countries, the original idea of installing Tinder.

However, let me tell you that Tinder, based on this idea, does not work in India at all.

The dating scenario in India is pretty screwed up. And for this we can totally give credit to the deep rooted typical “Indian” culture and narrow mindedness we are brought up in.

I myself have tried Tinder and let’s just say that my experience hasn’t been that good.

So I decided to list out some of the reasons why Tinder doesn’t work in India.

#1 Tinder is not for dating but only for “hook ups”

We Indians find it quite convenient to improvise almost everything and bend it according to our mindset which is why Tinder has lost its original meaning and purpose here.

The popular assumption that Tinder is only a platform for people to find partners for hook ups and one-night stands makes it very difficult to come across people who are genuinely interested in dating someone.

The tag of Tinder being a place to get some “easy sex” makes people skeptic about trying it out for dating purposes which is, in my opinion, very disappointing.

Why doesn't Tinder work in India

This brings me to my second point:

#2 We tend to label everything

Most people in India don’t prefer to be open about using Tinder.


Because they are afraid of being judged.

Due to the perverted image of Tinder here, people automatically assume that it is solely a place to find people to sleep with as if it’s an online brothel or something. When a girl mentions to somebody about being on Tinder, they would mostly give her a judgmental “you are such a slut” look. Same goes for guys as well.

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#3 Gender Ratio on Tinder sucks

Due to the “hook up” image of Tinder in India, there are not many girls willing to try it out to find a potential partner which makes it a hell lot difficult for guys to get a match.

I have had guy friends tell me that after swiping for 4 months, they hardly get 10 matches out of which only two reply which makes it kind of difficult to find a person compatible enough to go out with.

Why doesn't Tinder work in India

#4 If you’re on Tinder, you’d probably be stalked

This one’s specifically for girls: If you want to try Tinder, brace yourselves for some really crazy stalking by some really creepy guys.

In India where a woman can’t even cross a road without being winked at or stared at, how can we expect Tinder to be a stalker-free place where you are literally giving everybody out there a gateway to find you on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat (Tinder uses your Facebook account to prove you are a real person.)

Speaking from personal experience, as soon as you install Tinder and swipe for a while (especially for girls) you would get ‘n’ number of follow requests of really creepy people on other social media platforms. This makes it very annoying and scary for a person to continue being on Tinder.

Online dating is still a pretty alien concept in India as opposed to other countries and it will take some time for the people to change their thinking about it. Till that happens, I guess we all just have to put extra efforts into finding our “the one” on Tinder or leave all hopes of Tinder working out for us altogether!

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  1. I got tinder plus. I changed my location to UK or us & I get like within a day. Same doesn’t happen in India. I think girls also pretty selective in India.

  2. Well, if you really get requests from people you think are creepy, why is it hard to just block them? While social networks have given people the ability to stalk people, send creepy messages, it has also given you the power to shut them or block their profiles. Doesn’t seem to be an excuse to not create a tinder profile, does it?

  3. Petty well written with some information that is now obsolete. Tinder concept has mixed reactions over various sites. In my case, 2 of the 5 matches (all started by women) responded to chats and one immediately asked for 2,000! There you go!


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