A lot of the times we complain that married female actors in Bollywood no longer do films and it is because of the regressive entertainment industry.

While I do think that at least half of the blame lies on the industry itself, I also believe that we might be missing another party at fault here.

The actresses themselves.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I completely agree with the fact that Bollywood is entirely too male-centric and very rarely are films made revolving around female characters.

We don’t even have any concept of chick-flicks, rom-com yes, but can you really recall even 1 single movie that is a ‘chick-flick’?

Nope. So I understand the issues with Bollywood, however, I don’t think they are entirely to blame either, and at least some fault lies with the married female actors too.

Let’s take a look at what those faults are:

1. Not Focused and Driven Enough:

Unlike male actors who are very focused and driven in establishing themselves and making a position of importance, female actresses do not seem to have a similar determination. Even before marriage, they seem to be perfectly happy with doing the same typical roles without making any kind of contribution to the film.

Seldom have I seen an actress, especially early on in their career, pick roles that are different and show their acting prowess. Also, it seems as if after marriage, female actresses sort of lose the drive even more, pretty sure due to societal upbringing and the psychological mindset that woman have been brought up with to put their family and husband before career ambitions.

2. Not Bankable Enough:

Most female actresses don’t really bring anything to the table apart from being a pretty face. They are extremely replaceable by the next new model.

Unlike an SRK who cannot be replaced with anyone, female actresses have very typical roles that don’t really create an impression of them adding anything to a film that only they can.

Also, according to my first point, a lot of actresses miss the chance to truly establish themselves in the beginning by taking on any role that comes their way. Instead of actually trying to build a certain concept about what kind of actor they want to be, especially in the 90s, female actresses were always cast in the same typical role of being the love-interest.

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3. Don’t Venture Into Other Things:

One could say that it is difficult to manage such a fast-paced career and married life, one could even say that maybe the woman wants to a lead more comfortable life and not deal with having long shoots and travelling so much.

But to entirely drop out of the industry is also not right I believe. There are other creative areas that one can work in and still be attached to acting without being in Bollywood itself.

Kalki Koechlin and Konkana Sen Sharma were both married, and they still maintained a good working balance, especially dabbling in theatre and independent movies during that time.

This is something I found lacking in married female actresses from 90s, who gladly sat back at home to manage their kids and families and completely giving up their careers that they clearly worked very hard to build.

My point does not only end at the 90s actresses but even transcends to the current generation with Asin, Kareena, Genelia and more having almost disappeared after marriage.

Kareena has done a few films, but they haven’t really made any kind of news and I rarely ever hear about new projects she’s been cast in, or where she is shooting for her next film like I used to before her marriage.

So let us not just blame Bollywood and I would really like it if Bollywood actresses realize that their career is in their hands itself.

I am curious now, with Anushka married, as to how she deals with a busy career and I really really hope she does not leave it to sit back and make gol rotis.

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