The teachers of Lamdon Model High School battle harsh weather and treacherous roads to reach their school. The cover picture is of Tenzin Sonam, the Principal of the school.

The School 

The LMHS (Lamdon Model High School) is a school straddling the villages of Pibiting and Ufti near Leh.

The gates of Lamdon Model High School

Their objective is to merge tradition along with modernity, as laid down in the official program of the Ministry of Education for the State of Jammu & Kashmir.

Each year, barely 30 students are accepted from an applicant pool of over 100 aspirants. This because of the fame this school has gained as its stellar reputation in nurturing students.

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Improvise, Adapt, Overcome

Because of the unique climate of Zanskar, the school year starts in March and ends in November. Instead of having a “Summer Vacation”, this school has a winter vacation that spans during the coldest months of the year.

The teachers walk on paths that are ravaged by darkness even at noon. The path they follow has a crystal clear river on one side and an impeccable balance on the other.

Sometimes the snowfall covers up the rivers that pass through, making it seem like a straightforward path. However, that is merely an illusion, where the waters recur strongly, and ice becomes thinner than ever. This, in turn, forces the travelers to cling to overhanging rocks and follow suit. 

The road to Lamdon High

The months October through January sees temperature collapse to -30°C under the howling Himalayan winds, turning the rivers into pathways of ice. Another play of improvisation comes at this juncture as one has to use the only viable pathway—to walk on water (albeit frozen). 

The Pictures

The pathways on Zanskar…
The people, on their way to teach
Sometimes, the frozen river is the only road…

Image Source: Google Images

Sources: Tzu Chi Culture, AAZanskar, Parallel Zero

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