I have no idea why no one has talked about this yet. Sonia Gandhi is definitely a better politician than her son, who speaks of things almost no one understands. I have seen more memes on Rahul Gandhi than his interview videos. And the interview videos I’ve seen are hilarious enough to get me teary-eyed.

Here is a tweet Rahul sent when he resigned somewhere around July 2019:

A deep ideological battle? The only ideological battle Rahul Gandhi needs to fight right now is his idea of putting a machine on the moon which gives gold as output when the input is a potato. Let’s cut the crap and talk about the boss lady.

A Little About Sonia Gandhi

Sonia Gandhi has no political lineage unlike her husband who was the son to a former Prime Minister. She was a normal girl born in Italy who majored only in language from Cambridge, and not a political or economical subject.

At Cambridge, Sonia met Rajiv (that sounded filmy) and got married, soon after which they moved to India. Even though her husband rose to power as Prime Minister, Sonia Gandhi never really showed up too much in public. She preferred a private life.

It was only when Rajiv Gandhi was assassinated that she chose to join politics and went on to become the Congress leader. She has been credited with major revolutionary moves like forming the United Progressive Alliance and a lot of welfare schemes like MNREGA, Food Security Bill, etc. She has also been known to be the reason for the election of the Congress as ruling party several times.

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Why Is Sonia Better Than Rahul?

Well, now this has become a “gharelu mamla” but still is very interesting. Rahul Gandhi got everything on a silver platter. He entered politics as the great-grandson of Jawaharlal Nehru, grandson of Indira Gandhi, son of Rajiv Gandhi; what else do you need to be a politician in this country?

On the other hand, Sonia Gandhi had no such direct nepotism to support her. She rose to power herself, understood the political scenario of a foreign country and even become the party leader of the Grand Old Party of India. This is not a normal feat.

Most of the times Rahul Gandhi screwed up, like when he was elected party leader and then resigned, his mother handled all of it. She even became an inspiration for her daughter Priyanka Gandhi to join politics and become a prominent leader.

In the absence of Rahul Gandhi, Congress has done much better in a few states. The Print is even speculating a non-Gandhi future leader of the INC. That remains to be seen, but it in states like Haryana and Maharashtra where victory seemed impossible, they got it. I doubt if this would have happened with Rahul leading.

I’ll let your imagination run wild about what is happening in this picture…

If we see Rahul’s record, keeping in mind that he was a Prime Minister candidate, he has two consecutive Lok Sabha election losses and the seats Congress had were painfully low. To fix this, Sonia Gandhi had to reach out to parties we never thought Congress needed to shake hands with, like the JMM.

BBC even published an article which spoke of the possibilities of Rahul Gandhi being the end of the Gandhi dynasty. I mean, this has become a daily soap for Indians to see the mother and son play musical chairs with the seat of the INC President.

For Sonia Gandhi, all this is not new. She had to handle a great deal of distress after her husband’s passing and now, she has to handle the distress of the BJP landslide-victory. Had Rahul been put in this kind of a situation, I am sure he would have asked mommy for help anyway. 

Mommy always wins!

Maybe Sonia Gandhi should even contest to be Prime Minister. Maybe she can be the reason why Congress comes to power again. The future of INC is essentially in her hands now. Literally, in her “hands”!

What do you think about this nepotism-ka-khel? Tell us in the comments below.

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Sources: India Today, BBC, Outlook India

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