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Why My College, GTBIT, Is Not Just A Random College For Sikhs


GTBIT, or Guru Tegh Bahadur Institute of Technology has developed a rather controversial and mysterious image in the past few months. The media hasn’t allowed the college to breathe and the reputation of the college has been put to stake.

But is the situation really all that bad with the college? Or have rumors spread like wildfire to an extent that you just don’t see the brighter side of being a student of this college (Mind you, I’m a student of GTBIT, myself).

So taking all the media hype aside, I’m gonna stand by the college, no matter what. Not because I’m some sort of a devotee but only because it’s practical. I don’t think the college or its teachers have done any wrong to me and it’d be unfair on my part to criticize them.

This college has rather made me a believer in its hype because when I first walked in here, I was skeptical.

This isn’t about me trying to justify the recent rumors and neither is this about me highlighting the revenue made by the college to prove its greatness. This article is simply about stating why GTBIT is not just ANY college and has some brilliant students to back those credentials up.

Be it any field (and I literally mean any field) and we’re right there, rubbing shoulders with the top-notch colleges across the circuit.

Ever since I came here, I had heard about the dramatics society of the college and its prominence. Cometh the start of the fest season across the New Delhi circuit and I got to know why. Over 20 wins across the circuit in some of the most competitive environments and GTBIT was a team to be reckoned with.

An ongoing performance by Etcetera, the dramatics society of the college.

Follow it up with the college’s success in the debating circuit last season and you have yourself a busted stereotype that yes, Sikhs in GTBIT are great at other things except Bhangra (and hey, we won the university folk dance competition for that, too).

Furthermore, be it housing entrepreneurs, musicians, comedians, software engineers, cinematographers, VFX artists or writers, the college has done it all and is still doing it.

Now comes the myth busting time when it comes to those people who criticize the academics of the college and blame how low the salary packages are which are offered.

Tell me something? Does everyone in a highly reputed college fetch a salary package of Rs. 50 lac/month? Or is it just the elite ones who make the best use of their talents in the 4 years of college who get the best jobs?

So to those who keep whining that it’s the college who doesn’t provide you with the best packages, ever wondered how good a student you were to the college in the 4 years? Ever looked at your CV and wondered where you lacked? Oh, wait. You didn’t. That’s why the college is responsible for you according to you.

But then on the other side, I have seen my peers grow. I’ve seen myself grow. We have students who are dedicated to gain professional skill, writing research papers, starting new ventures and being entrepreneurs, building a profile, enhancing their personality, getting a good job and all in all, just enriching their persona at every step possible.

There are student groups in GTBIT who are dedicated to live projects 24×7 and I don’t hear them whining. Why? Because they know that regardless of what the placement package is, they are gonna get a damn fancy one because of the dedication and quality they exhibit in their work.

I have seen students work on super successful ventures, win “Hackathons” (shout-out to team ARSENIC), develop Android apps on their own and most of all, represent the college in a positive light without any complaints.

Time and again, the students of GTBIT have risen to the occasion and proven that this college is much more than just a parking lot of Royal Enfield bikes.

And yes, a majority of them are Sikhs. And yes, we have broken plenty of stereotypes along the way and we will continue to.

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Sahib Singh
Learner. Seasoned debater. Dreamer. Achiever. Narcissist. Connoisseur of politically incorrect jokes. Heavily opinionated blogger and tends to spit fire with words. Master of sarcasm, dank memes and the art of pun-making. Extremely confident lad with a penchant for professionalism.



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