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Why Killing Of Russian Ambassador Is A Warning Sign


Rishank Dabra

Recently, Russian Envoy – Andrey Karlov was assassinated by a Turkish Police officer named Altintas while the ambassador was speaking at a modern arts center in Ankara.

The assassination was captured real time in photos and video and went viral on the internet.

The gunman was heard shouting in video God is greatest. Do not forget Aleppo! Do not forget Syria!


Syrian War has created many more demons

Even though this incident might not weaken the inter relationships between Turkey and Russia but this incident indicates an underlying problem of the threat they might face from the terrorist groups or Syrian victims due to their bombings.

The causes behind the assassination
The collateral damage that Syria has witnessed in recent times from the bombings of Russia, US, France, and so on holds huge ramifications for most of them as the civilian lives lost is likely to create more terrorism rather than subside it.

We all witnessed how the images of a Syrian toddler Imran, badly hurt in an airstrike in Aleppo done to Russia.

It moved us to experience the emotion and trauma that innocent Syrian civilians would have gone through as those were the images of a kid saved but there were many who even didn’t survive.
The complex phenomenon and the prolonged war

Russian ambassador killed
If we understand the relationship dynamics of Russia and Turkey it gives us some of the important facts on the war getting prolonged and disastrous. Turkey backs rebel groups but opposes President Bashar al-Assad of Syria, whereas Russia supports Mr. Assad.

However, the conflicts between both the countries have marginalized after Turkey shifted its strategy to preventing Syrian Kurdish groups from accumulating across the border as Kurdish control of the border would strengthen Kurdish separatism in Turkey, and this shift in approach of Turkey resonates with Russia and the relations have improved since then.
Furthermore, there are more complex and conflicting objectives prevalent between US and Turkey and other countries over the rebel groups and this has caused the war in Syria to escalate and made the terrorism puzzle more difficult to solve.

Killed by a Syrian
What should be done?
Drastic peace measures need to be undertaken to ensure that the suffering civilians are saved from the shadows of the ISIS terrorists as they can be radicalized.

The recent peace process in Syria promoted by Russia, Turkey, Iran and other countries that called for a ceasefire and civilian evacuation is a step in the right direction.
Moreover, these countries need to deploy military intervention strategically, collectively and extensively to ensure there are surgical strikes on the terrorist groups and the collateral damage is negligible.

Although this might seem highly difficult, they should go as far as possible to capture the terrorists to understand the in depth operations of ISIS and other terrorist groups and build strategies to curb terrorism accordingly.

Rishank is currently pursuing MBA from NMIMS, Mumbai.He likes reading and writing and loves challenging the status quo by voicing his eccentric opinions.

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