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Why Is This Malayalam Director Taking Legal Action Against A Kerala College?


The Malayalam movie Kaathal The Core, directed by Jeo Baby has been getting rave reviews for tackling a very relevant topic in today’s time.

The performance by main actors Mammootty and Jyotika along with the subject matter that Baby raised is all getting a lot of praise from the audience and critics.

However, in the midst of all this, the director has been involved in a controversy with a college in Kerala and has claimed that he will be taking legal action against them for canceling an event that he was to be a part of at the very last minute without any proper notice.

What Is This Incident?

Jeo Baby had been invited by the film club of Farook College in Kozhikode, Kerala to be part of their event ‘Subtle Politics of Present-day Malayalam Cinema.’

The event was scheduled for Tuesday, 5th November 2023 and would have the director leading a discussion, especially of his movie and the topics it raised with its central theme being homosexuality in India.

However, when he arrived in Kozhikode on the day of the event and had even reached the premises, he was informed that the college had cancelled the event.

When he inquired the reason, the student union of the college stated that the director’s alleged statements on certain issues were against the moral values of the college and were the reason for the cancellation of the event.

He spoke about the issue in an Instagram post.


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A post shared by Jeo Baby (@jeobabymusic)

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In the video, the director speaking in Malayalam explained the situation and how he was very disappointed and confused by what happened. He also spoke about how he felt insulted and disrespected that even after multiple inquiries the college authorities were not clear on what exactly was the reason for cancelling the event.

As per reports and the English translation of his words provided the director said Although I had arrived earlier at Kozhikode for the event, only on the very morning of the event, the teacher who co-ordinates the event had called me and notified me of the event being canceled. Even though she was upset for the same, she did not provide a valid reason for the cancellation.”

He further added To know the reason for the event getting canceled I had sent an email to the principal of the college and also tried contacting through WhatsApp but till now, there has been no response from their end. Afterward, I had received a forwarded message which included the letter of the students union of the college.”

Jeo speaking about the letter given to him said “The letter contained the reason for the event’s cancellation as the director’s values and opinions being against that of the college’s religious values, and that they will not support this event. I had to travel all the way to Kozhikode to attend this event. I got an answer from the Students’ Union but now I also need to know why the college management cancelled it. I will move legally against this and if I don’t protest against this in this manner, another person will get affected just like how I got affected.”

Jeo Baby also said “The version of the college authorities that my statements lacked moral values was equivalent to insulting me as an individual and filmmaker. I want to know why the management cancelled the event.”

Now, Jeo Baby has spoken about his intention to take legal action against the college for the inconvenience caused to him, which is making him travel to the college, cancelling the event and not giving any explicit or legitimate reason for doing so leading to him feeling insulted.

Aysha Swapna the principal of Farook College has not responded to the issue yet.

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