In the realm of Indian politics, stories of resilience and transformation often take center stage, and one such compelling narrative is that of Danasari Anasuya, popularly known as Seethakka.

Her journey from a Naxalite commander to a two-time MLA and, most recently, a cabinet minister in Telangana’s Congress government, showcases the power of determination and a commitment to social causes. 

The Naxalite Years

Seethakka’s story begins in the turbulent times of Naxalite insurgency in undivided Andhra Pradesh during the 1960s. Born into a tribal family in Jaggannapet village, Mulugu district, she was drawn to Naxalite ideology while still in school.

Joining a Naxalite group at a young age, she adopted the alias Seetha and later Seethakka, reflecting her role as an elder sister in the movement. Her decade-long involvement in the Naxalite movement eventually led to disillusionment, marked by incidents like a dramatic escape from police gunfire in 1996.

Transition to Law and Politics

In a bold move, Seethakka surrendered to the police in 1997 under a state amnesty program. Despite being a mother and facing the challenges of her husband’s continued involvement in the Naxalite movement (he later died in an encounter), she pursued a degree in law to advocate for tribal communities.

Encouraged by fellow advocates, she entered politics in 2004 with the Telugu Desam Party (TDP), winning the Mulug seat in 2009. However, her subsequent switch to the Congress in 2017 marked a strategic move to align with a party that shared her commitment to tribal welfare.

Tribal Welfare and Political Ascendancy

Seethakka’s political journey took a significant turn when she won the Mulugu seat in 2018 and 2023 as a Congress candidate. Recognizing her unwavering commitment to tribal welfare, she was appointed as the Minister of Tribal Welfare in the new Telangana cabinet. This portfolio aligns with her longstanding objective since entering electoral politics in 1996.

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Academic Pursuits and COVID-19 Response

Seethakka’s commitment extends beyond politics. Her recent completion of a Ph.D. in political science from Osmania University, with a focus on the social exclusion and deprivation of the Gotti Koya tribe, underscores her dedication to academic excellence.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, she gained nationwide attention for her hands-on approach in serving tribal communities, and trekking through challenging terrains to deliver essential supplies.

Challenges and Hope for the Congress

In the challenging political landscape of Telangana, where the Congress has struggled to maintain a foothold, Seethakka emerges as a potential catalyst for change. With her popularity and achievements, she could be a key asset for the party.

However, there is a consensus among Congress sources that her full potential has yet to be leveraged, and there is a need for greater visibility and responsibility within the party.

Seethakka’s journey from a Naxalite to a minister encapsulates a story of resilience, determination, and a steadfast commitment to tribal welfare. As she assumes a crucial role in the Telangana cabinet, the spotlight is on her ability to drive positive change and contribute to the Congress party’s revival in the state.

Her multi-faceted journey serves as an inspiration and underscores the transformative power of individuals dedicated to the service of marginalized communities.

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