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Why Is Slave Trade Still A Reality In Libya?


In November, news broke the world when it was found that somewhere in Libya, people were being sold in a modern version of slavery. Something we all thought was a thing of the past and a practice that only tainted the pages of our history books. Definitely not something we’d have to witness in today’s time when we talk of democracy, progress, equality and diversity and more.

A video from CNN that made this news go viral, of men apparently being sold at an auction in Libya for as much as $400, brought to light this inhumane activity and how it was still going on.

People from all around the world were suddenly talking and taking interest in what was going on in Liba and why exactly was human slavery still something that existed when it clearly had been declared illegal.

The news was first brought to attention by a special investigation conducted by CNN, where a team had travelled to Libya and witness this heinous activity for themselves.

When the footage came out to the public, it created a torrid wave of anger and protests at what was happening and why was it happening.

What Is Going On In Libya?

The video has horrific dialogues being uttered like:

“Does anybody need a digger? This is a digger, a big strong man, he’ll dig,” with an auctioner gesturing towards one of the two tall but silent young men standing next to him.

“What am I bid, what am I bid?”

These were the two men that were sold together for $400 total.

The reason for this ongoing slave trade is being said is that Libya is the center for refugees and immigrants travelling to Europe in order to reach safe shores.

As per the U.N.’s migration agency International Organisation for Migration, in the last 4 years, as many as 3,000 immigrants have lost their lives while attempting this journey.

But with the Libyan Coast Guard being more stringent about how many refugees make their way to Europe, more and more people are being left stranded on Libya with the smugglers gaining an increasing number of refugees and immigrants who have absolutely nothing of their own.

This has now been twisted as a way for the smugglers to make a profit who are now selling off these people as labourers in salve auctions.

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However, as quickly as this news got out, people have been actively protesting and pressuring the government and authorities to crank down and get this to shut down.

As per news sources, at one of the Un Security Council meeting in regards to human trafficking, an investigation is to be launched to figure out who are the culprits behind this, bring them to justice and also delve deeper into the modern day human trafficking and slavery.

Even the famous footballer, Pogba, has brought attention to this issue with a gesture of crossing his hands over the other, held them over his head and seemed like a bound man. His subsequent post on social media is what brought heavy attention to what is happening in Libya especially from the common people who otherwise overlook such things.

As of right now, Libyan authorities in agreement with African leaders and the E.U. are currently in the process of sending back these refugees to their own country as soon as possible that are holed in the horrible detention centers.

According to Reuters, the Libyan government has also opened a transit center where these immigrants can have a safe place to be before being either resettled or deported back to their own country.


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