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Since America Is Out Now, Here Are 5 Other Countries Indians Can Immigrate To


Let’s admit this, most of us have some distant dream of settling abroad for a tentative period of time, if not permanently. Or just maybe travel extensively. Whenever we have drawn up any lists of places Indians can immigrate to, the USA must have featured prominently on that list.

Being the most powerful nation in the world, for work or for education, the USA always seems to be a lucrative place, thus heading the lists of many Indians wanting to immigrate for better prospects.

But the USA is not the only place where you can chase your dreams. Living an expatriate life comes with its own checks and balances, and there are simply too many options if you want to tailor your destination search to your personal requirements. If you start casting your net wider, trust me you will be spoilt for choice!

Considering factors like job opportunities, security, healthcare, education prospects and overall development, here’s my round-up of top 5 countries Indians can immigrate to, stress-free:



Okay, fangirl moment, Justin Trudeau alone is enough for me to put it up and above my destination lists. Other than his perfect Prince Charming personality, he and his country have got a lot of things right. It is a multi-cultural melting pot of a country with the majority of the population being immigrants (or descending from one), who report high levels of contentment in their lives.

Canada_British Columbia

With a good public education system, endless landscapes to explore as a traveler, low crime rates and desperate Americans crashing their immigration website, Canada is the place to be. Canada is calling you.


City in Norway

Norway is a regular chart-topper with expat lists. With a stable economy, they have a ridiculously good human development index, boasting of the best living standards in the world ever! Also, they will be banning cars that run on fossil fuels by 2025; they take their quality of living that seriously.

kayaking in Norway

Indians can immigrate to Norway with their families, expats highly recommend this country for being particularly ideal for child rearing. Above everything else, this is a country where you can dream of cycling everywhere to!

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Tiny place but an expat heaven. As an Indian, the change of scene will readily invite a culture shock, but you will still be in Asia if that’s any consolation. The Little India district will warm your heart. It has been recently voted as the best place for expatriates because life in Singapore is simple, secure and fun.

Singapore heritage

Add a booming economy to that, and it’s a cocktail even James Bond would consider giving up a martini for.

New Zealand

Indians Can Immigrate

Google best places to live and you will find New Zealand making a buzz on every of those lists Australia can aspire to be in. The tinier country of the two, boasting of Middle Earth landscapes, massive development, and a high satisfaction of living, New Zealand possesses such enamor that it hosts a homesick hotline for their own expatriates.

new zealand

Lifestyles not differing greatly from the USA, it is fast becoming a hotspot for immigrants looking to tuck away in merriment in a plush foreign landscape.



Germany has dominated immigration lists since I don’t know when. Like forever. It is extremely international; a lot of people there know good English and cities like Berlin, Munich, and Frankfurt have a high density of expat populations. But if you know German, you are really set. Their excellent healthcare and ample educational opportunities will make you weep with joy!


Being centrally located, anywhere in Europe is simply a few hours’ drive away (Or like a couple of hours in flight).  A Strong economy, stable jobs. The only catch? High taxes. After all, someone has to pay for the good stuff.

To simply name a few. Which country is ideal for you to move to actually depends on a host of factors and variables; it is never the same place for two people. But before you take any decisions, research well, be thorough with their visa/immigration procedures. America is no promised land; their living conditions and provisions for immigrants are even questionable at places.

So go on, take your pick. With so many alternatives to where Indians can immigrate to on hand, Antarctica is really the limit!

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