Most people who spend a major chunk of their day looking at a screen of some sort find it difficult to fall asleep at night.

They have various mechanisms to help their brain wind down, and gone are the days of reading a book or drinking a warm glass of milk to induce sleep.

Nowadays, the solution to feeling sleepy is also available on the mobile or computer screen- ‘satisfying’ videos.

There are various channels on YouTube and accounts on Instagram that have a collection of calming videos and audios- from clips of soothing voices to people making and squishing slime, to soap cutting videos and beautiful time-lapse videos of artwork.

However, nowadays the definition of ‘satisfying’ has started veering more towards…creepy.

From watching doctors and amateurs pop pimples, extract blackheads and cysts, and agonisingly pull out ingrown hairs, to videos of ticks and mango worms being extracted from dogs, this level of ‘satisfying’ is not for the faint of heart.

The Popularity of Chiropractic Videos

The latest creepy trend to join the bandwagon is chiropractic videos, simply known as ‘bone cracking’ videos.

Basically, they are videos of people ‘cracking’ their and well as others’ bones (like the finger joints, back, neck, legs, ankles, etc.) to relieve tension and create a loud ‘pop’ sound.

Many chiropractic doctors have noticed this increase of interest in their field, and have capitalised on it by creating their own YouTube or Instagram accounts, and posting videos of the ‘bone cracking’ work they do on clients.

You can watch a video here:

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Not ‘Real’ Medicine?

While they always provide scientific explanations for the same, chiropracticians are not yet accepted as mainstream medical practitioners, as there is a lot of doubt surrounding their field- several medical professionals claim that bone cracking can lead to slip disk and accidental dislocation if done wrong.

Should We Take this Trend Offline?

While I agree that chiropractic videos are extremely satisfying to watch, and gives viewers a secondhand sense of the relief the patients in the video experience, I personally wouldn’t recommend visiting a chiropractor or attempting to crack your bones in real life, because one wrong move could have serious repercussions like paralysis.

So for now, let this mode of relaxation remain virtual and not become something we do in real life.

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Sources: Joseph Cipriano, Athltx Med, Cordylobia Anthropophaga

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