If I had a penny for every time I envied a beauty blogger, I’d have enough pennies to make beauty bloggers envy me.

The flashiness associated with this profession tickled my fancy and I found myself levitating towards it at once. Little did I know then that I had been beguiled into playing a part in its ruthless trade.

Not many creative pursuits offer as much glamour as the world of beauty blogging.

Their social media influence, lavish lifestyles, event appearances, and abundance of material possessions make their life a wonder to behold.

The rapid growth of the beauty industry over the past decade has incentivized people to pursue beauty blogging as a full-time career.

With its glitz and glitter, its flamboyance cannot be overstated.

The beauty industry, though, has somewhat evolved into an entertainment industry of its own with beauty bloggers diving headfirst into scandals every other day.

But is the birthplace of one of the most infamous catchphrases ‘spill the tea’ just as beautiful on the inside as it appears on the outside?

Take a look at what they tell you, and what they don’t –

Masters Of Manipulation

Anyone who is familiar with the ins and outs of beauty blogging is aware of the manipulative tactics that bloggers take on to drive more traffic to their websites.

Beauty blogging is simply the art of maneuvering your target audience to your advantage.

This is obtained through skilfully calculated moves within a stipulated timeframe – clickbait content, trend-hopping, biased reviews, affiliate links, brand partnerships, advertisement revenue, PR packages, etc.

Source: Erinazmir.com

So, the next time your favourite beauty blogger produces new content, remember that they get paid to sway public opinion, including yours. It is profoundly rare to find exceptions to this rule.


As mentioned earlier, beauty bloggers are bound by tight deadlines due to three main reasons:

  1. Consistency
    Beauty bloggers do not have the luxury of creating content sporadically. Each blog must be demarcated by uniform intervals of time to maintain a balanced and steady engagement with the audience.
  2. Trends
    Trends tend to appear and disappear within the blink of an eye. Failure to cash in on the popularity of a trend results in the loss of potential traffic.
  3. Brand Partnerships
    Sometimes, brands underline a particular date by which they want their brand-related content to go live. The breach of a contractually binding agreement could have legal implications.

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Cost of Initial Investment

Like most business ventures, beauty blogging also requires an initial monetary investment, but the aspect of uncertainty corresponding to the likelihood of the beauty blogger becoming successful is what makes this profession risky.

Oftentimes, even moderately successful beauty bloggers are required to shell out cash from their own savings to purchase supplies. It could prove to be an expensive venture, especially if you do not earn enough returns on your investment.

Fame’s Psychological Toll

Being in the public eye means that you are constantly subjected to the highest degree of media scrutiny. It is a job that keeps you on your toes with little to no room for error.

Beauty bloggers stand to lose more when they earn recognition, success, and monetary incentives. This causes paranoia in them over how to retain their existing position and makes them more susceptible to various personality disorders.

The slightest miscalculation could virtually sabotage everything you built for yourself.

Take the examples of beauty bloggers like Laura Lee and Jeffree Star who came under fire for making racist remarks in the past. Despite their apologizing and addressing the issue time and again, an indelible impression has been left on their career.

At a time when earnestness is valued above all, the cut-throat competition that exists in the beauty industry ‘cancels’ people faster than they can salvage their reputation.

Beauty bloggers are pitted against each other so often that it’s nearly impossible to form meaningful relationships within the circle.

Excessive pressure is put on establishing your own brand.

“What am I doing to distinguish myself from the rest?” is a question that holds the power to make or break a beauty blogger’s career.

Beauty bloggers forgo privacy for adulation – something that is short-lived.

Nonetheless, they put up a façade of grandeur and paint a rosy picture for us to consume at the end of a tiring day when we find ourselves wishing that we were at the other end of the screen, blissfully oblivious to the unsettling truth.

Who would’ve thought the world of beauty hid such dark secrets?

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