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Touted as one of Delhi’s hidden gems, Champa Gali, tucked away in a discreet corner of Saket, reeks of an individual spirit.

Situated 650 metres away from Saket metro station, Champa Gali gets its corny name from the ‘champa’ plants that are arrayed along this hidden lane.

It came to my knowledge by hearsay and I decided to kill my curiosity once and for all when I planned a visit to this site.

Locating the spot is an adventure in itself as it requires navigating through narrow bylanes, but with a little help from the locals, I reached the entrance to Champa Gali.

Once my mind registered the landscape, I was pleasantly surprised at its remarkable reconstruction bearing in mind that it had once been home to a poultry shed!

Its avant-garde aesthetic offered a refreshing respite from the Indo-Islamic Mughal architecture that garlands the city and pulled me instead into a Parisian vortex.

Wooden rimmed windows and long bar-stools positioned against the backdrop of a European setting unified to create a pocket-sized impression of Paris.

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Champa Gali is lined with cafés, restaurants, clothing stores, stationeries, home décor outlets, and shops for quirky knick-knacks.

Its Parisian intentions are somewhat thwarted by the incorporation of Indian elements, which, in my opinion, further elevates the visual experience.

The food here is palatable but its prices are equally steep. After trying out four eateries, I can safely conclude that three times out of four, I’ve had a delightful experience.

As bohemian as it looks in the daytime, Champa Gali unveils an altogether different face by night. It is when the strings of fairy lights hanging above light up and impart an angelic glow to everything present nearby.

Its romantic atmosphere coupled with its tryst with culture makes it a visual treat. Wall art and graffiti also embellish its walls making it a suitable spot to snap pictures.

Whether you’re an explorer or a foodie, Champa Gali is worth a visit (and many more.)

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