There was a time when women were not allowed in the India Army.

Then in 1992, the gates were opened for women to join the Indian Army as an Officer, but only for the Short Service Commission (SSC).

She was dismissed after 14 years of service, without medical or pension benefits. Only women in Medical and Law Wings were allowed permanent commission.

In March 2019, women were allowed permanent commission in 10 branches of the Indian Armed Forces.

Now the Indian Army plans to induct women as soldiers in the Military Police; online registration has also begun for the same.

The Indian Army has planned to induct 52 personnel per year for the same post, till a total of 800 women are inducted.

We have indeed come a long way.

Us millennials have literally seen the job growth of women in the Indian Armed Forces.

Maybe soon we will see women in combat role as well.

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What will they do?

Until now, women were inducted in medical, legal, educational, signals and engineering wings and as an officer only. Now that women will be inducted in the Corps of Military Police, they would help in investigating allegations of gender specific crimes, such as rape and molestation.

Women are believed to have better soft skills than men. It will be easier for a victim to open up to a female cop as compared to her male counterpart, thus making investigation easier and in return, enhancing the speed of providing justice.

Her other duties will include “policing cantonments and army establishments, preventing breach of rules and regulations by soldiers, maintaining movement of soldiers as well as logistics during peace and war, handling prisoners of war and extending aid to civil police whenever required.”


Such acts break the age old stereotypes that hamper women empowerment. When women become a part of the Army, it acts as a great demonstration effect for other women to rise from centuries of exploitation.

It encourages women to take up professions, traditionally thought to belong with men. Thus, it helps in breaking gender norms, for good.

It will also enhance gender representation in the Army. Women will now be more than just a cadre that could be flaunted during the Republic Day Parade. She will be an integral part of the Indian Army.

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Source: The Hindu, Hindustan Times

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