When it comes to foreign billionaires, our compliments and inspiration know no bounds, but our compatriot billionaires remain left out no matter how high yielding or humble. The blatant hypocrisy clasped with the rich points at how easily influenced and neglecting we are by nature.

Meeta Rajivlochan, an IAS officer wrote about the unnecessary hate Indian billionaires receive

Why So Biased?

Absolute disregard and clear contempt over the modes, sources, and structure has been well observed for a long time amongst Indians, but only when the affluent of our nation is mentioned, otherwise, the hard work and strategic planning are lauded and inspirations are taken from the success stories.

The most common factor of this bias is our inbuilt sense of inferiority towards the foreign flesh. We have, for years on end, been fashioned to think of the foreign flesh as an embodiment of a fair, just, and superior being. No matter how much we deny the allegation or pretend to be neutral, we fall prey to the worshipping of foreign flesh and culture.

This brings me to another factor, namely, culture. The generation at present has somehow misinterpreted the meaning of cool and swell. To seem cool (even for a few moments), we indulge in the least of our interests if that is what the ‘trend’ is.

And not to mention, the “trend” has lately shifted from forgiving and believing in transformations to cancel cultures, from appreciating the efforts to condemning and mocking the doer, from getting insights and following up on them to burning in jealousy.

The poor and the middle class dislike the rich alike, but this is only limited to the compatriots. A major deduction is that they’ve become rich only after hoarding our rights and money.

Although not always present, the love-hate relationship between the rich is also very steadfast. The several-tier classes between the upper class give way to the generalization that the affluent only care about their social status and do not bother about the nation or the society at large.

Ambani and Adani receive extended hate with absolutely no acknowledgement of the goodwill they exhibit. Even if acknowledged, numerous fingers get pointed and allegations get thrown instead of questions and genuine curiosity. On the other hand, foreign billionaires get appreciated without the slightest research into what they’ve done or how. The blatant bias seems unfair.

An example of this bias is the appointment of Ms. Kamala Harris, the VP of the US. Although our nation has witnessed many female VPs, the wave of euphoria that came about when a foreign nation got it’s first female VP astonished us.

A moment of celebration indeed but the question arises as to why are we only elated when it comes to foreign achievements and why are our own neglected and left behind in the dark with uncertainties and questions surrounding them.

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But Have The Indian Affluent Earned This Regard?

The most far-reaching line of thought in the success of a business is that hard work and correct strategy brings fruitful results. No business has, to date, achieved success only on the grounds of luck or bias. Maybe for some time, the bias can work wonders, but the consistency for the upliftment and acceleration of the business comes from hard work and strategic planning.

Furthermore, the prerequisite for success is a humble and selfless intent. One cannot yield favourable outcomes from selfish reflections. Consequences are self-explanatory.

Mr. Elon Musk, a business magnate has spread his empire from Zip2 to Paypal, Tesla to SpaceX. He is idolized in the arena of business by many fellowmen. His manner of considering and interacting with the general public and media has won hearts along with his authentic self.

Elon’s a no-buttering type of person and so, people love how easily they can connect with him and always take away some enriching idea or thought from his speeches or interviews. Plus the charities he does speak for themselves. A significant portion of his wealth can be seen donated for societal benefit.

Another billionaire who gets showered with love and admiration is Mr. Bill Gates and his wife, Mrs. Melinda Gates. The Gates are among the leading philanthropists of the world and have significantly aided in the world development program. They have always strived to impact society in ways that leave no space for suffering and need. They are practical in their beliefs and do not go by word thereby validating their authenticity.

Now, talking about the riches of the nation, the good work and selflessness some of them have put into their businesses have yielded direct results. For instance, Mr. Mukesh Ambani once said, “There is nothing more precious in this world than life.

He has been seen, on multiple occasions, to be assisting and providing for the needy and the organizations working for the needy. His humble attitude towards others and his selfless initiatives for the nation have been trending from time to time.

The $14 billion Adani Group has also done a lot for the nation. Mr. Adani is so much into giving that he’s worked for the welfare of not only 1 land, but 2 – India and Australia. His interests range from energy, real estate, defence, agriculture-related business, and the greatest being in the interest of the Indian Government.

He once said, “nation-building is a part of my business philosophy“, from which we can easily gather the intent he follows. 

His regular donations have always struck a chord among the billionaires who are into charity and giving back to the nation. He has been working at the global level as well as the local.  

Another affluent is Mr. Azim Premji, an IT billionaire, who has not only given back to society tenfold but also advertised not a single act. This extremely humble and generous man has worked endlessly for the advancement of the nation by proving to be the torchbearer of nobility in a nation where, more often than not, charity does not seem to match wealth.

Mr. Premji currently stands in the same spot as Mr. & Mrs. Bill Gates since his charity knows no bounds. He has been identified as one of the largest givers in India (although not among the top 5 riches) and even in the continent (for a time).

The appreciation this man deserves is far greater than any other billionaire, Indian or not, as he even pledged half of his fortune for philanthropy.

Mr. Premji (2nd from left) among the world’s leading philanthropists taking a pledge to give away half of their fortune to philanthropy

This brings me to the intention I have of advocating against charity and for philanthropy. First off, the difference between the two terms is that while the former is a one-time act of generosity and a specific form of aid, the latter is a long-term indulgence and focuses on larger issues at hand, namely, Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

A newspaper cutting of the leading Indian philanthropists

On many levels, good deals come at the cost of some of the poorest people in the world but that is similar in the foreign as well as personal cases. Of course, this needs to be curbed but only showering hate on compatriots (general tendency) and overlooking the good they’ve done for the nation is unfair.

Lastly, if we consider the genuineness and efforts of our compatriots and appreciate them and the foreign givers alike, without bias or immediate counters, it would be enriching and terrific for all since all those who give to society should be acknowledged and we should learn from them in whatever aspect we can. 

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  1. One of the most childish articles I have ever read, replete with shallow reasoning and a deep inferiority complex. Quit your job and do something worthwhile, like feed a homeless person for starters. And no, you don’t need to be a billionaire to do that.


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