Truth be told, the pandemic has taken a toll on all of us. We are bearing the brunt of this pandemic in some way or the other, and so are the businesses around us, especially the eateries and the restaurants. 

We love to dine out, right? Especially in a cosmopolitan culture, restaurants and hotels are a melting point of various cultures gaining their roots on the Indian ground. The worst part of this easily contractible disease and its spread is that it has affected even the best in the business. 

Although now, business is going back to normal, those few months of lockdown and its aftermath in the year 2020 was so severe that you may never get to see some of your favorite spots resuming their services. 

No matter how well the government has mitigated the disaster, some businesses had to be shut down. And Delhi is no exception. Let’s look back at five Delhi restaurants that we would miss going to after the pandemic gets over!

Sidewok, Khan Market

It was a perfect casual dine-out serving pan-Asian delicacies along with lip-smacking Seafood with a modern yet Midas touch. Besides the delicious food, the nightlife here was also quite exciting paired with a well-stocked bar. 

The taste of authentic herbs and the soul-soothing aroma was too strong to forget if someone has been to this place before. The reason to shut down was obviously finance-related, and the owners were not sure how soon they could break even. As a result, they decided to close down the Khan Market outlet in June.

Garam Dharam, Connaught Place

This fairly-new restaurant had to close down its business and make a rather hasty retreat due to mounting rentals and almost negligible sales.

This dining restaurant was the perfect combo of desi cuisine and a modern twist. Known for its spicy indulgences, it served authentic Indian cuisine in huge glasses and large steel plates. 

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This rustic Indian Dhaba theme of this new experiment in the Connaught Place’s moderately western atmosphere was a tribute to Dharmendra or, more affectionately known as Dharam Paji.

Smoke House Deli, Khan Market

This Khan Market outlet of the famous chain of restaurants was our go-to-place for delish European breakfast and brunch. Be it stuffed Spanish omelettes and thin-crust pizzas or hazelnut pancakes, the taste still lingers in our mouths. 

The expensive rates and the fizzling out of the business forced the owners to shut down the restaurant. 

Pebble Street, Connaught Place

It would not be an exaggeration to say that this resto-bar excelled in almost all types of nouvelle cuisine – Mexican, American, European and Indian.

Situated in the eye of Delhi’s Connaught Place, the restaurateurs could not get enough of its classy European decor, warm quintessential dining ambience, and groovy music.

But as fate would have it, the restaurant had to close its doors owing to high rentals and Covid restrictions that did not allow any customer to make the most of this experience. 

Smokey’s BBQ And Grill, Cyberhub

A perfect place to hang out after work or for a casual dinner, this franchisee also met its doom in this pandemic due to high operational costs and zero returns.

The brick and wood interiors with its specialization in American and European delicacies, this dining out was known for its delectable smoked lamb burger with buttered onions and chilli. And, eating those steaks amidst the artwork and decorative pieces like warrior helmets and swords used to be a whole different experience.

Hundreds of other small and medium-scale eateries and restaurants faced the same rack and ruin. Some survived and switched to online delivery, scratching out the dining part, and others that were known for their ambience and experience had no option but to put a stop at it.

Now that people are getting vaccinated and things are going back to normal, we can wait and hope for the situation to get better. 

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Sources: National Herald, The Times of India, Curly Tales

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