Mount Everest, the world’s tallest mountain, is many things to many people. For some, it is a great natural treasure, for some, it is something to admire and for others, it is something to conquer and climb.

Mount Everest somehow invokes this need in many people across the world to climb it and get to the top. Adventure seekers and professional trekkers and climbers climb the mountain, again and again, considering it to be an achievement.

But for the past few years, a consequence of all these people wanting to climb it has been making itself quite obvious and that is garbage.

As per reports, 2019 witnessed more than 60,000 people, including trekkers, climbers and guides visit the area and spend time around it.

Imagine the amount of garbage that must have been collected.

But now, in order to bring light to this issue of garbage pollution, some people are coming together to convert this trash into artwork.

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What Is Nepal Doing?

A project has been started in which foreign and local artists will come together to convert trash collected from Mount Everest into artwork.

This will include things like used oxygen bottles, torn tents, ropes, broken ladders, cans and plastic wrappers discarded by climbers and trekkers.

Tommy Gustafsson, who is the project director of this initiative and a co-founder of a waste up-cycling facility and visitors’ information centre called Sagarmatha Next Centre stated that “We want to showcase how you can transform solid waste to precious pieces of art … and generate employment and income.”

Gustafsson, with this project, not only wants to change the perception people have towards garbage but also train the locals into managing this trash and converting it into art.

Gustafsson’s centre is located on the main trail to the base camp of Everest at Syangboche.

Mt. Everest Trash

This trash that is being turned into art will then be displayed at a gallery near to the centre and aim at making people aware of the garbage problem the mountain site is seeing these days.

The exhibit will be getting a “soft opening” soon sometime in the spring, limited to just the local people.

Aside from raising awareness about the environment, the products and artwork will also be sold as souvenirs. The money from all this will be going to preserve the region.

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Sources: News18, Reuters, Hindustan Times 

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