Watch: How Nepal Turned Its Trash Into Treasure And Created Green Jobs

As I sit to type down this piece, jabbing at the keyboard with my ever-so jittery hands while sipping on my lemonade, I realize the cause of my anxiety is not only my career but also the climate.

‘Climate Anxiety’ as they call it is real and suddenly everyone around me seems to be experiencing it. Everyone is working their way through a phase of concern for the environment, looking up the internet for possible solutions.

I too, have done my research and came across a set of environment-friendly practices that I have now adopted.

While doing my Google research for the same, I came across Nepal’s story.  In 2019, Nepal took this amazing initiative to clear Mount Everest of its trash during the months of April-May. They were effective in their approach and actually created an impact through their actions.

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Watch this video I curated to know how Nepal organized a successful clean-up drive and turned its trash into treasure, creating green jobs along the way.

Image Credits: Google Images

Sources: Livemint, USA Today + more

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