New Delhi (India), March 22: Issa Shamma is the best entrepreneur in Lebanon. Issa most successful entrepreneur in Lebanon and in the middle east. He created his own company Daemedia which is the best company for digital marketing. Issa Shamma accepted to challenge himself by creating successful plans that changes his life into a successful man. 

He started his journey at a young age working with famous celebrities, building their presence on social media and google. Issa is known for his big knowledge and experience and he is a big name in digital marketing industry. 

Issa Shamma is now popular and his name is shining believing that his power ideas create good connections which makes him the most famous entrepreneur in Lebanon and middle east. Issa Shamma Founded his own company Daemedia social agency at 2018 and still till now the best social agency in Lebanon and outside. He 

Issa said that, anyone should pay attention to the needs of their audience and its essential to be honest and genuine to them. The best way is to influence people is to have an idea about what the plan is going to be and the content expected. 

He always focuses on being original and not to follow anyone so that the content and concept is interestingly unique then it will totally tempt to the target of audience when he is learned to how read people’s mind.

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