The coronavirus pandemic has taken the world by a storm and shows no signs of stopping. It has affected lives in every nook and corner of the world, bringing human life to an abrupt halt. 

Governments of various countries have imposed a lockdown on their respective countries, resulting in shutting down of numerous industries – big and small. 

However, some sectors have shown no signs of slowing down. Instead, they continue thriving even under these frail circumstances. 

Telecom Operators

With everyone sitting at their homes, data usage has only soared. Telecom operators have reported a surge of 15-20 % in traffic and have also predicted a notable rise in the coming days. They’ve asked for more spectrum to tackle the sudden burst in the data consumed by the quarantined Indian population. 

New schemes and offers were also given by the operators, suiting the requirements of the public. Thus, the telecom industry will keep thriving, providing one of the most essential services nowadays – Mobile Data.

Pharmaceutical Sector

This one is a rather easy guess when it comes to industries thriving. Probably the most thriving sector right now, it also has its share of ups and downs. While companies manufacturing sanitizers and face masks have a pile of pending orders, other industries manufacturing drugs that are low in demand are sealed off.

Also, all these industries combined are failing to satisfy the market’s demand, with people hoarding these supplies. You can no longer find products of market leaders on the supermarket shelf. 

Pharmacies have run out of every possible sanitizing product, be it sanitizers or doctor’s spirit. Strange days – sanitizers selling out like hotcakes.

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Media Platforms

India has rarely witnessed such a rapid escalation in the usage of streaming devices, until now. People are consuming content at a lively rate, resulting in choking traffic for streaming services. Where YouTube has restricted the quality of the videos to 480p, Netflix has reduced its traffic on ISP’s by 25%. 

Social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook are also facing their share of traffic, with users coming up with new challenges every day. Along with other texting applications, these platforms have become a hotspot for sharing coronavirus related news. 

Gaming Industry

Bored Indians are shifting to games to kill time. And while most of us could not get our hands on indoor games before the lockdown, digital games are accessible to almost everyone. 

Mobile games are the most in-demand, for their portability and ease of gaming. PUBG Mobile, Call of Duty: Mobile and Clash of Clans are some of the most popular games. The lockdown has also resulted in the blooming of online games like Teen Patti and Ludo King.

Learning Platforms

We all have a conscience that tells us to use our time in a better manner. Now, this conscience is having a hectic time telling us to be productive while we sit idly at our homes.

Therefore, people are turning to online learning platforms to gain a few extra set of skills. Usually famous among students and the youth, learning platforms have now increased their reach to older people as well. 

All these sectors are now blooming and thriving, but their growth won’t halt even after the lockdown. It has brought new customers to their door, and manufacturers won’t let them go easily.

Image Credits : Google Images

Sources : BBC, Business Standard, Netflix Media Center

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