Mopeds are usually stereotyped as something funny, not to be taken seriously. Even in media, a person who drives a moped is often shown as being the butt of the joke.

Usually, on the budget side, mopeds have for long not been considered either stylish or rugged. They are neither aesthetically compact like a scooty neither advanced like motorbikes.

However, some change is being noticed in the viewing of these vehicles, especially with the rise of electric vehicles and more environmentally conscious transport.

The Gravton Quanta electric moped is hoping to give the vehicle a face-lift of sorts and make it more appealing to the younger generation.

That is why all the upgrades it has even landed it being priced at a sweet almost Rs. 1 lakh.

What Is This Electric Moped?

The Gravton Quanta electric moped is made by Gravton Motors a Hyderabad-based EV startup. This electric moped has just been launched by the startup and makes some pretty big claims on what all it offers.

Available in three colours of red, white, and black the price of the electric moped is at a good Rs. 99,000 (ex-showroom). This certainly brings it into the more high-end category of mopeds in India.

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Most mopeds in India are around the Rs. 40-50,000 mark with some veering into the Rs. 70,000+ category. However, very rarely is a moped priced at a number in which you could buy a whole bike itself.

But, the makers believe that the price is justified since the electric moped is architected, developed, designed and engineered in-house, using local components making it a fully made in India vehicle.

One of the interesting claims about the moped is how it can run for around Rs. 800 km at just Rs. 80 for petrol.

It also has a completely digital instrument cluster, two charging modes, battery swap enabled chassis, GOTAC and smart mobile application. The ‘smart’ tag to the moped comes from its functions like remote lock/unlock, tracking, roadside assistance, mapping service station, and more.

The large alloy wheels and LED lighting elements in its headlamp give it a distinct look.

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Sources: Hindustan Times, Zig Wheels, India Today

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