Have you ever been to a bar or a public place with a friend, date or anyone and felt uncomfortable or threatened, so much so that you wanted to leave immediately? 

This is a situation encountered by many men and women when they hang out or go on a date. They are mostly not anticipated and the person stuck may not be able to find a safe escape for themselves. 

Have you ever thought about any scheme which can help you in such a situation? 

If such a helpful scheme is put in place, it will be a great relief for many and this need of people was aptly identified by the people of the United Kingdom. 

Want to know how? Read below.

What Is The Scheme?

This scheme is operative in the UK by the name of ‘#AskforAngela’ initiative. This initiative was undertaken by a small organization in the Eastern County of Lincolnshire and has spread rapidly throughout the UK and other parts of the world.

The initiative aims to protect vulnerable people, particularly women and give them an escape route in unwanted situations where they may be feeling unsafe or uncomfortable.

This generally happens in bars where people meet known dates and unknown blind or Tinder dates for drinks and snacks. Thus, various bars have joined the initiative. 

All that the aggrieved person has to do is to ask the bar staff for Angela. The bar staff is already trained for such situations and without any fuss, they escort the person out of the bar, generally into a taxi. Mostly, it is done via a backdoor or a secret door so that whoever is feeling uncomfortable is not spotted leaving by their partner.

Otherwise, they help that person discreetly. 

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Is This System Needed In India?

India is a young country and various modern and urban men and women feel positive towards going out for dates and drinks with their friends and dates. 

These “booze-partners” are both known and unknown to one another. Irrespective of the closeness, women have to face unwanted situations where they feel uncomfortable with their partners. 

Some women even hesitate to go out for drinks, thanks to the instances of drinks being drugged and sexual assault. Due to the lack of immediate help or an escape route, people are stuck in such situations and often taken advantage of.

According to me, India also needs a similar system whereby the bar and restaurant staff are educated about such instances and awareness amongst men and women is created so that, if they land in an unwanted situation, they can seek help discreetly, using code language.

Such schemes are now being used by bars in various countries and India should not hold back. This will help boost women’s safety in public places and make India a better place to live, for women in particular.

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Sources: Time, Metropolitan Police, The Bury Dictionary

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