It’s that time of the year when Instagram and Twitter are flooded with red carpet looks, inspiring speeches and if we are lucky enough, epic envelope fiascos, as well. The starriest night of the year, the 92nd Academy Awards is right around the corner!

Oscars 2020!

2020 Oscars

The most star-studded guest list unfolds on the D-day as people claim their place on the sofa at home, prepared to be in awe of their favorite celebrities.

If you are not out there hunting for a date for the upcoming Valentine’s Day, then it’s not uncommon to catch the Oscars 2020 on 10th February, on television. But, have you ever wondered what it would cost to be present at the Dolby theatres during the award ceremony?

The Late Late Show

James Corden, The Late Late Show host

Turns out James Corden has cracked the code to be part of the most coveted award show. On 30th January, Antonio Banderas, the ‘Pain and Glory’ star, ecstatic about being nominated for his lead role in the movie, revealed a few shocking things about Oscars 2020 on ‘The Late Late Show with James Corden’.

When asked who he was going to bring to the Oscars as it was his first nomination, he revealed that he would show up with his girlfriend, daughter and his daughter’s boyfriend (lucky guy). James expressed his astonishment with his signature, ‘Shut the front door!’. 

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Well, who wouldn’t invite a bunch of people if they are nominated for the most prestigious award worldwide? I can imagine myself bringing along 200 people and my beloved pets to witness the proud moment. 

However, there is a limit to the number of people you invite. Yes, Antonio disclosed that four is the maximum number of seats one nominee can accommodate during the show, including himself. That’s not it! Two additional guests have to be paid for and the ticket price came as a shock to James. 

Antonio Reveals Ticket Price 

Antonio Banderas in White

The following conversation was pretty hilarious as Antonio revealed that it costs $750 for every additional guest you want to bring along. James lost his calm and started reiterating. 

‘‘Shut the front door. $750 to watch a group of millionaires give each other gold statues?’

‘‘$750? Whaaaaat?’’

While James was getting accustomed to the fact, Antonio threw another bomb stating that this discounted amount is just for the ones involved in the event. 

‘‘That’s a discount!?’’

The common crowd has to shell out more bucks to be part of the grandiose ceremony. 

Woah! My dream of ever attending the Oscars and the endless bath time trials of my winning speech are flushed in a matter of minutes, let alone the thought of inviting hundreds there.

I am just glad that my Instagram will be colorful with the various Oscars’ best and worst dressed millionaires shelling out big bucks so that we can generate brand new memes and cackle at them. 

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