The IIT-Bombay student suicide case has been under investigation all this while and some new updates now are putting a different light on the case.

The Mumbai Police’s special investigation team (SIT) has been in charge of the investigation of the suicide of the IIT student Darshan Solanki and has recently revealed about the existence of a suicide note, an apology to a batchmate and a lie-detector test being considered based on the new informing coming out.

What Is The Latest Update?

Initially, the police had not found any suicide note, however, reports around 30th March 2023 had the SIT informing how they had recovered an alleged “suicide note” from Darshan’s room that had the name of a batchmate mentioned in it.

The senior police officer said the note was found on March 3rd 2023 after “A team was there for more than 10 hours, and during the thorough search we found the note under the table. On the table, there were some books and solved question papers… below the table, we found a page on which it was written, ‘… has killed me’.”

The investigating team got Solanki’s answer sheets from the IIT administration and confirmed that the handwriting was of the student himself. An officer stated that “We have now sent the suicide note and the samples of Solanki’s handwriting to experts and are awaiting their reports,” with all this happening around mid-March.

It was around this time that the police also found WhatsApp chats between Solanki and the person named in the note “We have sent his cellphone for forensic examination… We have learnt that there was a fight between the two about a week before the incident, and are checking if it is linked to the death.”

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One of the investigating officers stated that “Initially, we believed that Solanki jumped to his death due to poor performance in the semester exams. However, the suicide note, which we suspect he wrote minutes before ending his life, indicates that he was harassed.”

Now, in the latest update, an FIR was registered by the SIT after they got to know that Solanki had apologised to the student named in the note just three days before his suicide. However, the police don’t feel the student is telling the whole truth which is why they are planning to conduct a lie-detector test.

According to reports, the student in his statement said that Solanki called him multiple times on March 10th but he missed them as his phone was on silent mode, however, when he got back to the campus Solanki apparently hugged and apologised to him for their dispute.

As per the police though “However, the student is not telling us about what led to the dispute. After recording all the statements, we are planning to go for scientific methods like a lie-detector test on the student so that we get complete details about the issue between the two of them.”

Not just this, but according to a police source statements by other students also seem to confirm that the two appeared to be going through some conflict in the week before the suicide.

Currently the police is still investigating in the case stating “Multiple statements have been recorded to connect the missing dots, but we are yet to conclude what exactly led Solanki to commit suicide.” 

On February 12th, 2023 an 18-year-old first-year BTech student Darshan Solanki committed suicide by jumping from the 7th floor of his hostel building. He’d joined IIT Bombay just 3 months prior and was a first-generation Dalit student.

The suicide opened up a lot of conversation around the caste-based discrimination that especially Bahujan students face on campus and how the institutes do not have proper facilities to solve these issues.

This along with the other string of student suicide deaths coming out from various IITs across India have really put a question mark on what is happening inside the campuses of some of the most prestigious educational institutes in the country.

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