Being a coveted man, the former Prime Minister of Pakistan is in need of some security when he ventures outside his own four walls. Hence, when he arrived at the anti-terrorism court in Lahore on April 4, he was surrounded by bodyguards to protect his safety. So far, everything seemed normal.

What caught the eye of the netizens watching was the bizarre form of safety system the team had adopted. He had donned on a bucket-like bulletproof headgear to protect himself from another assassination attempt. His security detail did carry protective shields to save him from unwarranted bullets.

The Viral Video

This unusual form of protection has been documented on video which has since gone viral. Mr. Khan can be seen holding hands with two men who were guiding him toward the court as his view was obstructed by the bucket.

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People’s Reaction

Of course, the viewers of the incident had to take to Twitter to share their comments on the entire situation. Let’s take a look.

What do you think of the entire bizarre protective measure? Please share your thoughts in the comment section and let us know!

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