There is a new dating trend that has been becoming popular, especially among Indian GenZs and millennials and that is of festival dating.

Currently, the entire country is going through various festivals and more are coming soon. The air is filled with various cultural and religious events going around and there is certain happiness and enthusiasm spreading among people.

A study by the dating app Bumble has found how Indian genZ and millennials are all for the concept of festival dating.

What Did The Study Find?

A nationwide study done by Bumble and conducted by Censuswide surveyed around 2,003 Indian adults from 10 different cities of India.

The study held from 05.09.2023 – 08.09.2023 had people from the age group of 18-40 years old and various gender identities and asked them about dating topics, especially during festivals.

According to the study, around 63% of Indians surveyed said that they want to date someone during the festival time and are totally for the concept of festival dating.

Festival or festive dating is very self-explanatory, it literally means when people feel an increased want to date during festivals and need a partner during those occasions.

The festive season is seen as a good way to get through the first dates as it allows for good ways to spend time together without doing much.

When asked how “Indians prefer to enjoy festivals especially when away from home?” the survey recorded that around

  • 36% said they like to go out with friends
  • 27% of them said they like to enjoy the festival times with their partner
  • 18% of those surveyed said they like to enjoy festivals by searching for a partner or date they can go with to the festive activities/parties

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Bumble is not the only one to notice this trend, as per reports, in August Tinder also released its survey ‘Future of Dating in Kolkata’ using people from the age group 18-25.

The survey found that 47% of young singles in the region selected festivals and cultural events as the top choice for first dates. Another 43% of them found that the festival period was also the best time to introduce their partner to other friends and family for the first time as the mood and atmosphere kept the pressure low.

Samarpita Samaddar, India Communications Director, Bumble, speaking with Millennium Post said “Festivals offer a unique opportunity to deepen your connection, and people in Kolkata like to enjoy dating during this time enjoying what they love — whether through sharing favourite sweets or phuchka, churmur or sharing cherished traditions from childhood. Festive dates are fun.”

Samarpita also stated that “GenZers and younger Millennials in Hyderabad are open to go beyond antiquated dating norms to explore new connections.

Festivals are an exciting time to find a like-minded person you’re looking for, to celebrate traditional ceremonies and create new festive rituals together, explore the city and beyond in a new way with each other and forge deeper, healthy and equitable relationships.”

This is not the first time that an increase in dating during festivals has been noticed by dating apps and companies. Tinder had also introduced something called a ‘Festival Mode’ for its app back in 2022.

As per reports, Tinder came out with its festival mode in August of 2022 where people could opt for which festival they were going to, using the festival badge, and see others who might be going to the same event.

The dating app had actually launched the feature in 2019 but brought it back in 2019 and even opened it up on a global level.

The festival times surely make people want to expand their horizons when it comes to romance and experience it with someone.

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