The Government of India launched the Agnipath Scheme on June 14, 2022, as a tour-of-duty-style programme for the recruitment of soldiers into the three military services below the rank of commissioned officers.

All candidates will only be employed for a total of four years. The new military rank for anyone hired under this system will be known as an Agniveer. The programme’s implementation has drawn criticism for the absence of public discussion and consultation.

What Are The Proclaimed Benefits Of This Scheme?

  1. Increasing the youthful profile of the Armed Forces to make them more risk-taking and combat-ready all the time.
  2. Instilling in the next generation the bravery, commitment, and teamwork of the military.
  3. Educating young people about the traits and skills like drive, consistency, spontaneity, and professional ethics, so that they can continue to serve as an asset to the military
  4. Providing young individuals with an opportunity to serve the nation for a short time in uniform.
  5. Attracting fresh talent from the people to effectively exploit, adapt, and use advanced technologies with greater technical standards of intake while leveraging existing technological institutions.

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Why Is The Scheme Being Criticised?

There are several reservations that perhaps the unprecedented initiative to enrol a majority of soldiers for just four years will negatively impact the Army’s competence, organizational discipline, and competitive spirit. There is also a popular belief that the future remains unclear for thousands of military personnel who are not retained annually.

Critics contend that since the majority of Agniveers will be looking for something like a backup carrier, the plan will make many of them susceptible to vulnerability.

What Does The Opposition Say?

Akhilesh Yadav of SP, Arvind Kejriwal of AAP, and Congress Leader Rahul Gandhi have all condemned the initiative, arguing that it can endanger the future of innumerable youngsters.

“Listen to the voice of unemployed youths of the country, don’t take ‘agneepariksha’ of their patience by making them walk on ‘Agnipath’, Mr Prime Minister,” said Rahul Gandhi. 

Army Servicemen Condemn The Agnipath Recruitment policy Because Of Its Shortcomings 

Army veterans claimed that Tour of Duty had never been evaluated in India and suggested that it should have commenced as a preliminary test. The unused recruits after four years of military service are another reason to be concerned. They would have received excellent training in weaponry by then, but they’d still be unemployed.

The veterans rejected the notion of agencies approaching soldiers to enrol them. They argue that securing jobs for ex-servicemen has traditionally been quite a hurdle. These recently resigned servicemen will be added to the standby list. There are also reservations about just how prepared an OR will be after only six months of training.

It isn’t easy to anticipate what sort of revolutionary impact Agnipath may deliver forth. The proposal drew severe condemnation from the military and veteran community and the general public.

There were demonstrations against the scheme, throughout the nation. The idea hammers at the core bedrock of conscription in India — a profession that was perceived as a “way of life” as opposed to a “tour of duty”.

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