Choosing an international school for children in India was not at all an easy but also a limited procedure a few decades ago, with only a few schools offering the IB and Cambridge boards. In the year 2021, when the world has gone digital and there are multiple options available, parents may now window shop, test, and read multiple reviews to find a good school for their children. When it comes to what parents want for their children in a school, It would have to be reduced to two basic requirements: child safety and overall development.

While many schools in the country have adopted the IB and Cambridge curricula, only a few are genuinely living up to the expectations, according to our research. Parents in Bangalore, Karnataka, are being drawn to one of the city’s first schools to implement the IB and Cambridge curricula. Over the last five decades or so, BIS has carved out a niche for itself. The school is surrounded by a friendly, nurturing atmosphere that prioritizes the child’s safety and general development. The BIS campus is compact, with a good mix of indoor and outdoor space, ensuring that students are always within sight of one another. From the front desk to the faculty and school leadership, you are constantly greeted with warm genuine smiles making it clear that everyone is welcome. Every part of a machine is important and needs to function at its optimum best in order for the product to be impeccable, right from the screws that hold it together to the main machine in itself. This is what we have seen at BIS, every person plays an important role and is given the respect and space needed to improve every day. Right from their labs to the games field or the music room you immediately see the human touch that is individualistic and holds its own character allowing the children to explore and learn. Dance, Music, or Games are given as much importance as Math or Science, this may seem radical at first but who knows your child could be the next Einstein, Michael Jackson, or Michael Jordan!

BIS has mastered the art of balance, ensuring that each child’s full potential is realized based on his/her interests. Students have excelled in dance, boxing, singing, Ukulele, Poetry, social concerns, entrepreneurship, and, of course, academics, thanks to the facilities at BIS. The teachers are a collection of people who are enthusiastic about what they do and are invested in helping each child achieve his or her goals. Teachers are continuously on the hunt for ways to promote individual skills or encourage an idea or concept while providing excellent education and academia.

Rida Ali, Class of 2021, says, “I joined BIS as a 6th grader. A shy, scared and timid kid. Through the years my teachers helped me build confidence by pushing me to try new things, take part in different events. When I learned about STUDCO I was excited, I wanted to be the sports captain but when I realized that in order to be the sports captain I will have to give a speech in front of the entire school. I got the jitters and was ready to let go of the position as I was too nervous to talk in front of the entire school. However, my teachers and friends motivated me and convinced me that I have got what it needs to be a great leader. I graduated BIS as the sports captain as well as a cheerful and confident person.”

As parents instill in their children the necessary family values or traditions, they may not have time to pursue their own hobbies. It is at this point that they look for a place that may nurture their child’s innate talents and abilities. From Pre-Primary to the 12th grade, BIS has given this platform, giving parents the assurance that their children will graduate as well-rounded individuals, ready to contribute to society, the environment, culture, the city where they live, to the country as a whole, and even the world, and be impactful global citizens working to create a harmonious and progressive society based on brotherhood and love. 

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