Watch: Weirdest Social Media Challenges That You Didn’t Know Went Viral This Lockdown

The pandemic has indeed been a rough ride for all of us. Things have been going downhill for a long time now. Amidst such an utterly chaotic situation, sitting at home to prevent its spread has been a frustratingly boring task for people across the world.

Be it the children or the adults, we have all reached a level of complete exasperation. And the only thing that has been keeping us going amidst this situation is social media. Despite all its problematic controversies, it has been the sole entertainer for a majority of the masses.

Trends On Social Media

From making Dalgona coffee to posting pictures in black and white, we have done it all this lockdown. While initially, these trends had been raging across both Instagram and TikTok, the ban of the latter in India made people completely dependent on Instagram as they launched their version of TikTok – Reels!

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While most of the trends that went viral are quite common ones that include dancing, cooking, or trying out some new hobby, there were quite a few of them which despite going viral aren’t known to most of us.

Here is a video listing 5 such viral trends that are not only unknown to most of the masses but also pretty weird. After all, boredom does push the mind to extremes of creativity – either for the best or for the worst.

The waves of the pandemic have still kept a majority of the population across the world within the confines of their homes. So which one of these challenges do you plan on taking up next this quarantine season?

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Sources: New Indian Express, The Indian Express, GQ India + More

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