Language is a funny thing, one word can have two very different meanings in different cultures.

This was proven correct by American conservative political TV commentator and presenter Tomi Lahren when she posted a video on Twitter thanking the Indian-American community for supporting Trump.

Lahren, who is known for attacking and criticising liberals, left-wing ideologies and such, is a staunch supporter of President Donald Trump. No matter what he does or how harmful his actions might be to his country, her support has never wavered for him.

But this video, which was meant to show her support, had her say a word in Hindi as a means to appeal to the Indian-American community and their vote base, kind of backfired on her.

What Did Tomi Lahren Say?

The US presidential elections are quickly coming around and both the Conservatives and Democrats are going full speed with their campaigning.

Trump, however, is not faring all that well in polling, with low numbers reportedly due to the way he handled the coronavirus pandemic in the US.

Lahren, understandably so, came out to support Trump on Twitter and in her video said that “Trump 2020 is all about keeping America great. Because President Trump is wise like an owl, or as you guys would say in Hindi – I hope I’m pronouncing this right – President Trump is wise like an ‘ullu’. I hope I said that right.” 

This was picked up by Twitter users and some of the videos have more than 600,000 views on them.

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Twitter Reaction

The Indian side of Twitter, or at least the Hindi speaking ones, were left in splits over this hilarious mistake and many couldn’t turn away from the irony of it all.

People jumped to comment and quote tweet it, with many agreeing that Trump truly is an ‘ullu‘ and laughing over how the word suited him quite a lot.

Ullu, in the Hindi language, is the word for an owl, but in a conversational manner, it is often used as an insult. If someone is called an ‘ullu’, here it usually means that they are considered to be a ‘fool’.

It is certainly not a positive word and if someone calls you this it means they are dissing you.

This surely goes to show that one should not just blindly use Google Translate and actually take a second to understand what the cultural connotations of a word can be.

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Sources: The Indian Express, NDTV, India Today

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