None can deny that we all need some laughter and lightness around us.

Every day we are bombarded with bad or concerning news, whether it be about the rising number of COVID-19 cases, vaccines taking more time, or any other social or political issues that keep coming up.

So in these times, it is even more important that we have lightness across our social media, our only source of entertainment, especially during this coronavirus pandemic.

In the midst of all this, Yashraj Mukhate, a music producer by profession, posted a video on his Instagram profile that caught my attention.

Using a clip from the hilariously over the top TV show, Saath Nibhana Saathiya, he took the dialogues said by the character of Kokilaben and turned it into a rap song.

One which is not all that bad mind you, and you will dissolve into laughter.

He also posted the clip on his YouTube channel, getting over 40,000 views till now. On Facebook, the clip has amassed a whopping 2.4 million views.

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In the clip, Kokilaben is seen scolding her daughter-in-law Rashi and Gopi Bahu, inquiring about how juice had spilled on her saari.

Mukhate added some peppy beats and added some effects to the clip, turning up the already ridiculous dialogues into something even funnier.

A few weeks ago, he had also posted a video doing the same thing using a clip from TikTok where a girl was seen saying that Katrina Kaif was her cousin and how people were saying that she was even more beautiful compared to Kaif.

The video has over 1.5 lakh views till yet and is certainly one of his more popular videos.

He had even made a clip using some interview video of Rakhi Sawant and that one is just pure musical genius, have to say.

Speaking to The Indian Express, Mukhate explained his reason behind making these videos, “What I love about these videos is that it takes very less time to make. It is mostly spontaneous and I can go all out and experiment with the music (because they don’t come to listen to music, they come to watch a funny video and music is complementary) and it gets shared like crazy. Helps me in bringing more audience to listen to my other original compositions.”

Seems like a win-win for both the audience and the maker, he gets popularity and we get some much-needed laughter.

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Feature Image: Yashraj Mukhate YouTube

Sources: The Indian Express, Youtube, India Today

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  1. Yes. Today many musicians make music from several lines of dialogue from a film or TV show. They consider making mashups easier than writing and composing songs from scratch. Especially now that there are more and more Youtube and Facebook users, it is very easy for them to find an audience.


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