It is not every day that we see ordinary people being turned into literal works of art. Usually, photographers and designers choose famous people to be their muse, especially when recreating iconic paintings or mythical figures.

However, this Bangalore based artist is turning that around by taking requests from common people and turning them into whatever they want to be depicted as.

From mythological figures like Krishna, Ram, Hanuman to historical figures like Chatrapati Shivaji and more, there is no limit to what he can do.

Karan Acharya takes requests from people, having them either message him privately on his social media accounts or email him with whatever concept they have in mind.

He then creates the image with the real person as the main focus and sends them across to the client. He recently shared some of these images that he made on Twitter to much praise and positive comments.

Acharya is famously known for his ‘Angry Hanuman’ graphic which was an outline of the religious figure in black on a saffron background.

Although he made the graphic in 2015, it still remains a very popular image across the nation.

People still sport the image on the rear windscreens of their car, social media profiles and more.

Acharya did put in for copyright of the image in 2018 after a Kannada filmmaker tried to use that particular image for his film poster without getting permission.

For this one, Acharya put this person in one of their favourite image, that of Raja Ravi Varma’s painting ‘Damayanti’.

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Acharya is said to be greatly inspired by Raja Ravi Varma and used to listen to stories from Mahabharata and Ramayana as a kid.

This eventually led to his interest in using mythological characters in many of his graphics.

On 8th August, Acharya posted this creation in memory of his father-in-law.

It is certainly interesting to see such images being created, especially with common people as the focus. One thing it helps in is diversifying the image of how mythological characters can look and also including various skin colours, body types and more.

Image Credits: @karanacharya7 (Twitter)

Sources: Business Today, Financial Express, Hindustan Times

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  1. Hi Karan,

    You are a magician. This is great work. Would like to see more of these for sure and would also like to learn from you if you are willing to share your knowledege.

    But simply amazing work. Good luck with your next creations.


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