Artists all over India have taken the onus of spreading awareness about coronavirus through their creative works.

They inform individuals about the signs and symptoms of COVID-19 respiratory illness and the ways to prevent catching it through street art on a wall, ceiling, or other permanent surfaces.

Artists from Rajasthan’s Bikaner painted graffiti to express their gratitude to doctors, medical personnel, police and other people providing essential services amidst the chaos ensued by the nationwide lockdown.

Image source: Indian Express

Artist Baadal Nanjundaswamy gave an amusing twist to the iconic scene from Titanic where Jack teaches Rose to fly in front of the Titanic.

You can’t deny that this beautiful scene resulted in butterflies in your stomach with a beautiful couple enjoying the sunset with perfect heart-touching music playing in the background.

The mural painted by artist Baadal in Bengaluru shows the duo wearing masks and standing apart instead of back hugging to accentuate the importance of wearing masks and practicing social distancing norms in times of pandemic.

Pramod Dandia, another talented painter from Kandhamal district, Odisha is spreading awareness on coronavirus with wall paintings.

Dandia earns a living by painting murals but since there was no work available due to lockdown, he decided to paint walls to inform the tribes about COVID-19 prevention guidelines.

He expressed the idea behind his humble efforts in the following words:

“While people are donating money to CM relief fund, I thought why not do something that would raise awareness among the tribals in Baliguda? There are very few posters about coronavirus in the panchayats of Baliguda. From what I know, it would take quite some time before we win over the virus. Awareness about social distancing, wearing masks and hand washing are going to be the main weapons in the fight. I am depicting that in my paintings.”

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Another amazing artwork from 15 local artists from Nilgiri Artist Association was on display at Charring Cross in Ooty in April.

“The two components of the piece are the visual representation of the virus itself and planet earth. Through the artwork, we wanted to depict how the entire planet has been engulfed by fears over the virus,” said Guru Krishnan, one of the 15 artists who were part of the effort while explaining the meaning and concept of the mural.

It is amazing to see how street painters are spreading the message of safety and hope and faith in this difficult time for mankind!

Image Source: Google Images

Sources: Indian Express, Hindustan Times and The Hindu

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