When it comes to clothing, we all have our wardrobes replete with all types of outfits. We all have our favourite dresses (each for different occasions), most comforting PJs, ‘sanskari look‘ ethnic clothes, and the denim jeans that we wear to every outing shamelessly. 

Sadly, the coronavirus has prevented us from showing off our #ootd (outfit of the day) this year. We are running through the days in the most comfy clothes and the rest of the outfits are only waiting to come out of the wardrobe. Even we are missing our good old fashion days.

Our wardrobes also have those used clothes that we plan not to wear anymore (after using them for nearly a decade). But, as you know, we Indians don’t give up on things without using them to death, so, we always devise some quirky ways to recycle our old clothes.

Here I am presenting to you the most unique and innovative ways in which Indians recycle their used clothes through this poster series:

1) DIY Clothes

2) Dress Hierarchy

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3)  Indian Mom’s Style

4) We Do Good Deeds Too

5) Host A Dress Swapping Session

If you are confused about your old clothes then this poster series might help you. No matter what option you choose for recycling your pieces, don’t ever throw them away. The dress that is of no use to you might prove worthwhile to others.

As you know, there is always some toothpaste left until we don’t cut the tube into half and swill out the toothpaste. ;)

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