Coronavirus has affected all of our lives in some way or the other. While the corporate sector is facing a financial crisis due to the economic slowdown, millennials and Gen Z are crying the call of boredom.

The pandemic has impacted our lives in such a way that apart from the virus, it seems that we all are also struck by a new kind of syndrome known as “corona boredom“.

And why not? It’s been more than 5 months that we are all locked inside our homes with zero recreational activities. With schools and colleges being closed, the young generation does not have much to do. The only source of entertainment for teens these days is the internet.

Consequently, in these times the internet and social media are brimming with all kinds of stupid jokes, videos, vines, memes, etc. Not having much to do, people who are suffering from “corona boredom” are taking everything to the internet.

In fact, it can be said that it is the best time to get famous on social media as anything and everything has the potential to get trending on the world wide web during these times sans logic and reasons.

The internet has seen a lot of topics trend like the Boys Locker Room Chat, Black and White Challenge, Sushant Singh Rajput Case, Dalgona coffee hype, Money Heist, etc. but all of these trends have some kind of sense associated with it.

The latest trend that is breaking the internet is #Binod, which comes off as an absolutely nonsensical trend made viral by netizens.

Why is the Internet going crazy over #Binod?

#Binod can be said to be a pure product of ‘corona boredom’ where you can pick any rubbish from the internet and make it go viral on social media without any sensible background to it.

It all started when a YouTube channel named “Slayy Point” run by Indian YouTube pair Abhyudaya Mohan and Gautami Kawale streamed a video titled “Why Indian Comments Section is Garbage”.

In the video, they referred to numerous stupid comments made by YouTube users on various videos. One such comment that got a special mention in their vlog was of a man named Binod Tharu.

Apparently, the duo trolled this man for commenting ‘Binod’ on a video. Soon, this comment caught the eye of the netizens and everyone started to spam the YouTube comment section with ‘Binod‘. The visibility of this comment was profound and in no time there was a meme fest around the same trend.

The ‘Binod’ comment trend was now not just restricted to YouTube but took over the internet. Be it Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, everyone was spamming and talking about this #Binod trend without even knowing the origin of it.

How Did The Netizens React To This Trend?

With #Binod trending all over the Internet in no time, the reaction given by people is hilarious. Instagram and Twitter are flooded with hilarious memes and one can’t just resist laughing at it even when it all makes no sense.

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Seems Like Corona Boredom Is Real…

Such hype about a piece of absolutely illogical news is evidence that people are already done with this pandemic and are losing their minds. Having nothing better to do, meme creators and YouTubers seem to be their saviour. 

So, if you are someone who is laughing here at these memes and enjoying such infamous trends then maybe you are also a victim of “corona boredom” …after all, you never know!

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Sources: The Indian Express, News 18, Hindustan Times

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