The ongoing geopolitical tensions between India and China are taking things to the next level.

After the bloody border clash between the armies of both the countries at Galwan valley, steps have been taken to resolve the conflict between the neighbouring nations. However, with no robust resolution over the same, the Indian government decided to retaliate in a unique way without the use of guns and bombs.

To show dissent to the Chinese Republic, India recently banned 57 Chinese apps that had a huge user base amongst the Indian audience. These applications included popular names like Shein, TikTok, Cam Scanner, Club Factory, We Chat, etc.

Such a move got mixed responses but after a month of bans, it seems that people have become more compliant.

Following the same, the government has recently announced its decision to ban 47 more Chinese apps on Indian servers and are preparing to make the names of this new ban list official.

Ever since the announcement of this news, it is speculated that the PUBG Mobile game, owned by Tencent, a Chinese game company, is likely to be one of the 47 banned apps.

The news has spread like wildfire on the Internet and netizens cannot stop themselves from posting about it. It should be noted that PUBG has a large following worldwide, with more than 175 million downloads alone in India.

Memers are wasting no opportunity to make good use of the situation and are tickling the Internet with their hilarious memes. Here is a compilation of some of the most hilarious memes about PUBG ban on the internet.

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It is to be noted that the PUBG community is known as one of the craziest gaming communities in India and the game is hated by most Indian parents for its addictive nature. The ban speculation has already broken both the Internet and the PUBG lover’s heart.

While we wonder how banning a game will pacify the ongoing tension between the nations, the silver lining is that people will shift to more indigenous apps and content which will eventually boost the Indian economy.

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