There are lots of articles, blogs and videos suggesting you things which you can do during your quarantine days. But, probably since no one has told you, you guys are doing things which you shouldn’t and need to stop doing immediately.

So here is a list of things you need to stop doing during your quarantine days.

Dalgona Coffee

Accept it, dalgona coffee is overrated. Moreover, my hand went numb after whipping the coffee for 10 mins.

Bella Ciao

One of my friends ruined the song for me. Whatever it was, it wasn’t singing or Italian either. I had to block him after that.

Indian Idol@Home

Please stop. You don’t sound as good as you think and your friends are just being polite with those compliments.

Makeup Tutorials

Take a moment and think – what do you suppose we will do with that new found knowledge? We are in lockdown and we have nowhere to go. Also, this isn’t a ‘Student Of The Year’ scenario where we will stay all glammed up in our own house.

Money Heist

Please accept the fact that there are other things to watch as well.

Cooking Skills

You Are Tagged

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‘Yo Boi Badshah’

The annoying fact about this is that the ones uploading the TikTok videos, call themselves feminists. Please understand that almost everything about the song is offensive – the lyrics, the mannerisms, and so on.

Hi Friends!

Panic Time

I know this is a pandemic and panicking is quite normal. But it doesn’t help at all. Things will be fine. One day.


Stay fit

It is good that you are giving an effort to stay fit, but do you realize that no one is going to watch you sweat for 1-long-hour?


I guess I have to stop doing this too. I ended up eating all the cookies that I bought, on the very first day.

Hello Doctor

Good Old Memories

For once, let those memories be memories. Keep in mind, your ex is as bored as you are and hence you are getting all the attention. Your ex probably replies because your s/he has no one else to talk to.

Satark rahe, savdan rahe.

You Win!

Your lack of achievements in life makes me feel sorry. Also, it is annoying that you didn’t invite me to play.

What other things do you want to add to this list of ‘don’ts’? Let us know in the comments below.

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