Watch: Underrated Indian Rappers Who Have Made It Big On The International Stage

"Baja de kuch, old school hip hop, banger!"

As ‘Gully Boy’ released three years prior, the entirety of India’s Underground hip hop received a massive push as people all around left the commercial beats of Badshah and Honey Singh for the more organic, old school beats out of the ghettos.

The battered and worn warehouses which had been home to numerous Indian rappers had now become the Mecca of India’s hip-hop scene. 

Rappers such as Divine and Emiway Bantai had thus become household names as they started ruling over each and every billboard chart all around the world.

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However, much like any other race, a few rappers were left getting the harsh end of the stick, not getting the recognition that they deserve.

Thus, in the following video, we look at a few such underrated Indian rappers who have made humongous waves on the international music diaspora, with amazing aplomb.

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