Watch: The Woman Who Cut Off Her Breasts In Opposition To The Breast Tax

Folktales are a major part of Kerala’s rich tradition and culture. But this story about a lower caste Malayali woman named Nangeli is one set to give you chills.

Set in the 18th century, Nangeli’s story unfolds in the town of Cherthala, where she and her husband Chirukandan worked as labourers on rice fields.

Nangeli lived in an era when women in Kerala had both sexual as well as marital autonomy. In fact, women were not even required to cover their upper bodies!

When the ruler of Cherthala imposed the breast tax on lower caste women, asking them to pay for ‘possessing breasts,’ Nangeli protested in her own manner.

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Find out what unfolded in this gripping tale of a brave woman who fought for her rights against all odds.

Let us know more about your thoughts on such oppressive systems in the comments below!

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Sources: The Hindu, India Today, Wikipedia, The Hindu (Cover Story)

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