Watch: The New Gen Hobbies That Definitely Exist For The Better

Are we ignoring activities prevalent in the 21st century?

We are on a constant lookout for new technology, new-era philosophies, modern-day art and hobbies that surge higher adrenaline. The present of every century, year and day for all of history has been more exciting than its previous day. So far, we have an abundance of resources: in terms of knowledge, entertainment, and hobbies. 

At the same time, we tend to underestimate what we have got. You know what they say, new technology is making people “lazy” and new philosophies are making people “libtards”.

Worse, half the activities we do aren’t even considered hobbies in the first place because they are always dismissed as short-term time-pass with no real efforts and productivity.

It’s just saddening, to be honest. Most of the activities we do for fun do have a real impact on us and the real world. It’s just that their effects were never dived in and looked into.

There is always this social outlook that the previous generation’s hobbies are the only valid ones and the current generation’s hobbies erupt out of pure laziness that really isn’t going to lead them anywhere in life.

Leave leisure activities, even our artworks are criticised- saying that it has become too random, and that it caters only to people whose attention is short-spanned. 

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No, our art has become more diversified. Our attention is short because we are constantly looking out for new things (is that good or bad?). It no more stays within some social construct dictating what “art” should be.

Also, our horizon of activities/hobbies has expanded, and will constantly serve us to explore different parts of ourselves in the constant process of building our life and writing the future history of our world.

On that note, here are a significant few that deserve more appreciation than they are getting at the moment:


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