Watch: Must-Read Books Which Tell Mythology From ‘Not-The Central’ Character’s Perspective

The "side" characters occupy the center stage now...

Mythological epics like the Mahabharata and the Ramayana form an essential part of our collective childhoods and much of adult life too.

Most of these tales are about and from the point of view of the central characters. Apart from the protagonist(s), almost everybody is relegated to the margins.

So much so, that many times we begin to feel that a certain character is unduly put through a test or his/her side of the story isn’t expressed in a wholesome way.

For instance, the mainstream narrative of Mahabharata fails to give voice to Karna’s and Duryodhana’s wives or even to Karna and Duryodhana themselves. Their side of the story and their justification for their actions are given by others.

So, we miss out on knowing the perspectives of several characters, just because they aren’t paid much attention to.

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Thanks to some wonderful writers, we have the re-tellings of popular mythologies from the point of view of side characters.

Here are the best ones that definitely deserve a read:

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